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“MPD is suggesting it may be drug related, and there may also be a suggestion of an execution style killing”

by Prince Of Petworth January 21, 2014 at 2:15 pm 12 Comments


From Council Member Jim Graham:

“On this day of blizzard, I must inform you of the death of two persons in an apt at 710 Girard NW. The bodies of the male and female (both about 30 years of age) were found late last night.

Neither of them lived in the apartment, and both had addresses outside of Ward 1.

MPD is suggesting it may be drug related, and there may also be a suggestion of an execution style killing. None of that is confirmed.

The male victim has been identified but the name is not being released because the family has not been notified.

More as information is provided.”

Update from MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a double homicide which occurred in the 700 block of Girard Street, Northwest.

On Monday, January 20, 2014, at approximately 10:56 pm, police officers from the Third District responded to a call for the report of an unconscious person. Upon arrival, they located an adult male and an adult female suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded to the scene. Neither victim exhibited any signs consistent with life. Both decedents were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner where an autopsy will be performed.

The male victim has been identified as 36-year-old Oluremi Thomas of Northwest, DC. The female victim has been identified as 24-year-old Keyonna Proctor of Southeast, DC.”

  • Kam

    My deductive reasoning tells me this was likely drug related but definitely money related. The whole male female angle is awkward but doesn’t fly in the face of my thoughts. Unless of course it was some kind of sordid love triangle totally wrong.

  • Timmy

    I love that my councilmember is sending out emails regarding reports of execution style killings with the caveat that “none of that has been confirmed.” Really professional/helpful, Jimbo.

  • Anonymous

    This city needs to overhaul the entire police force. Violent crimes continue to happen in the same areas all the time yet nothing is being done. The cops do nothing proactive. What are our elected officials afraid of? How about some proactive policing? Maybe a special tactical unit? Let’s get creative. Its not fair to the law abiding citizens of DC.

    • Anonymous

      You should educate yourself about the complexities of these criminal cultures and all the very proactive initiatives, targeted units to handle drugs and gangs, and technologically advanced actions the police already do take before insulting their hard work and quite strong leadership. Not too much can be done for a shooting in a private residence.

      • Anonymous

        I was talking in a general sense. Not specifically about this crime – although it is fairly obvious it is part of a larger criminal enterprise probably centered around drugs. I am also, by the way, a criminal justice scientist. DCPD is nowhere near as sophisticated operationally or strategically compared to other cities. Check out what other major metropolitan areas are doing to combat crime. How many arrests have been made in the recent shootings and assaults? Especially in Columbia Heights? It’s always reaction – not pro action. Why the District refuses to be tough on crime/gangs is beyond me.

        • Anonymous

          But you say they don’t have programs in place that they very much do have in place and use to great effect, so I’m skeptical of how much you actually know about their operation.

  • JS

    There was an eerily similar situation a few blocks down on Euclid last summer. A fire was reported, and when the officers arrived they discovered a dead body in one of the units. The person had been shot, and did not live in the building.


    The similarities and proximity are quite worrisome.

    • Norris

      There’s an informative discussion of that case on homicidewatch.org. It involved PCP and the alledged killer was arrested. It’s unlikely these cases are directly related.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t mess with crews in this area of the city. Serial assassins for sure. What they will do for money. Recall a guy from NE recently shot the kid from Takoma over $500 bucks! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was quite a duffel bag full of cash in this case. Will be amazed if there are no retribution killings for this one!

    • Anonymous

      So can anyone tell me what the police are doing? Why isn’t there tactical unit/special operation to deal with these “crews” and the known drug houses in the area???-

      • Anonymous

        this area is crawling with tactical MPD units. They don’t mess around either.

  • Anonymous

    Did anybody live in the house?


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