Washington, DC


From Madam’s Organ facebook page:

Tryst. Our shitty neighbor, every New Year’s Eve rents a large moving van and park it in front of Madam’s, completely blocking out front. This shit move just so they can temporarily store their furniture to squeeze more people in the door. For this I would like to award the owner, Cunstantine, the 2013 Worst Neighbor Ever award”

Ed. Note: The first name of Tryst’s owner is Constantine.

Ed. Note: Tryst hosts a private fundraising event for Bread for the City on New Years Eve.

“The ticket costs $60 ($55 for the first 100 early-responders), but the ride around the sun is free, and all net proceeds from the party will go to Bread for the City, a nonprofit that provides food, clothing, medical care and other services to vulnerable DC residents.”


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