Washington, DC


Yesterday we talked about some areas around the District that haven’t had the garbage collected in two weeks. @ColinHauck updates us on yesterday’s mess (photo above):

“Awesome job by the trash men on what I’m sure was a pretty rough day for them.”

Unfortunately another reader sends in a photo from the 3600 block of 13th St., NW:


“My alley which is in the 3600 block of 13th St., Northwest. This is the day after they collected trash after 12 days of not collecting trash. Apparently they did not pick up the stuff that wasn’t sitting in a garbage can, but there was no room for garbage in the garbage can because of the amount of trash that has piled up since they last collected. This is just nuts.”

and @ssullivan228 tweets us:

“This is getting absurd @DCDPW. You haven’t collected the recycle along FL Ave NW btwn 13/14 in over 3 weeks. Send someone out!”


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