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Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Options for dealing with a stalled construction site?

“There’s been a massive hole around the corner from our house for about 2+ years now. A group had to tear down a building to build a new one but for undisclosed reasons, probably money-related, the project stopped after the excavation. A construction trailer sits on the site still and the alley next to site has been closed the whole time for safety reasons. There’s a proper fence keeping people out of the hole but it’s an eyesore, next to nice to houses, and the neighborhood just wants something to happen. Any suggestions on what could prompt movement? The local ANC is sympathetic to the group’s situation so he’s been no help. There’s no building so we can’t push for blighted/vacant property tax status to prompt action. How long do building permits last–will the group have to renew?”

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