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by Prince Of Petworth January 2, 2014 at 2:15 pm 23 Comments


Wondering about the Lamond-Riggs neighborhood:

“Lamond-Riggs neighborhood? (20012, Near Lamond Rec. Center)
We are considering a move and trying to learn more about the Lamond-Riggs neighborhood. We have done a bit on walking around in the area & reading about the area. But, are not as familiar with it as Takoma DC. Anyone live in or spend a good amount of time in neighborhood specifically near the Lamond Recreation Center/ near Kansan & Eastern Ave (20012)?

Things we are viewing as Pros: There seem to be a number of families staying in the area for a long time. The lots & homes seem to be reasonable size, a number of similar early 1950′s brick detached single family houses. While many of the homes are still only the original 2 bed/1 bath most have basements, off-street parking & space to for additions. Most of the homes/yards look well maintained.
The crime reports look pretty good around the area. It is a fairly easy walk up to the Takoma metro seems to be good lighting & safe walking along Eastern Ave during both night & day times. Fort Totten Metro/ development & Walter Reed development is just a little over a mile away. There also seem to be a number of buses along Eastern Ave.
Of course having the Lamond Recreation Center is a nice perk for kids (and adults). Close to the Takoma DC/Takoma Park, MD amenities without paying higher Takoma Park, MD housing/tax prices. There also looks to be a good amount of business/shopping and such along New Hampshire Ave/MD.

Wondering about:
Continued growth & development in the area & surrounding areas. If the neighborhood is friendly & has active community groups.. are there neighborhood events? What folks think of the neighborhood public & private schools? If the area would be reasonably welcoming to a LGBT family? If those that live in the area feel reasonably safe walking at night to & from metros/buses/shops and just walking dogs. How is the Lamond Rec Center?

Thanks for in advance for constructive & 1st hand information.”

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  • timmyp

    We have been taking our car to the Shell station at Georgia and Upshur. Seems like it would be in the right area if you were taking your car to Georgia and Park previously. They are really nice, very quick and won’t do any work without asking first. They also don’t recommend things that are unnecessary either which is a huge plus for me.

  • Anonymous

    “There also looks to be a good amount of business/shopping and such along New Hampshire Ave/MD.”
    If you’re talking about on NH avenue just over the DC line in MD, I would take a closer look. There are a number of businesses there but they may or may not be ones you need or ones you want to go to. I’ve been through there hundreds of times over the years and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped in that stretch of retail. I don’t know enough to say that it’s a sketchy area but it’s certainly not very appealing as a shopping destination.

  • anon

    Friends of mine live in this area (closer to the New Hampshire-Eastern intersection). They have a lovely house… but the elementary school that they’re zoned for scores very poorly on the tests for reading proficiency, etc.
    I’m not sure how much more expensive it is to buy just across the line in Takoma Park, but if I had kids or were planning on it, I’d want to buy in a Montgomery County school district rather than this one.

    • Anonymous

      Takoma Park is $200K+ more expensive for a house than Lamond Riggs. That’s probably why the OP is asking about it. It’s a big price difference, even though it’s only half a mile away.

      • anon

        I know central Takoma Park is expensive… but is that true even of the fringes, like the portions right near Eastern Avenue?

        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Boring and remote unfortunately.

  • Chris in Eckington

    Well, if you’re into beer, 3 Star Brewing is located there on Chillum Place, and Hellbender Brewing will be opening later this year at 5788 2nd Place NE.

  • Doc

    It varies block by block, but there is some pretty sketchy stuff in that area.

    Not sure about LGBT question, but across the border into Takoma Park or in Takoma/Brightwood on the DC side would seem more accepting.

  • Anonymous

    I drive through here daily, and have friends in both Fort Totten and Takoma. None live in Lamont Riggs proper, but it seems to be on the “dead” sign of things in terms of “sidewalk vitality”. Granted I’m only passing through, but I don’t see too many people walking by/about in my drives past here, and I don’t think there’s much in terms of desirable food/drink nearby. Might be great if you’re looking for a sleepy corner though.

  • Anonymous

    This area is very remote and has poor schools. Unless you can score a home within 0.25 of the metro I’m guessing you’ll regret a move here. If you are looking for a larger home I would recommend Truxton Circle or Eckington. They aren’t the most beautiful or happening ‘hoods, but you’ll still be within walking distance of several great amenities and downtown.

    • Anonymous

      Truxton Circle (aka eastern part of Shaw) seems to be changing VERY quickly.

    • anonymous

      Um, have you even compared prices in this neighborhood with TC or Eckington?

    • Eckingtonian

      Going price for a renovated home in Eckington is now around $650-700k. A total gut job on Q Street just went for $500k. No longer a great place to go for a deal.

  • MRD

    I don’t know anyone who’s lived in that area and I think it’s because it’s still very old school DC–as in, that’s where your grandma and your Aunt Vi still live, with your 45 year old cousin Billy still holed up in the basement. Ooollld families. Except for the brand new homes built just off New Hampshire, all the housing stock over there is really undesirable.

    A quick look on Redfin shows comparable prices in Takoma DC where an LGBT family would likely find a welcoming community. I haven’t been to the Lamond Riggs rec center but the Takoma rec center has a pool and the playground there became really popular with parents and kids after its renovation in August.

    • Doc

      Also, Takoma DC is going to be changing A LOT over the next 5 years as Walter Reed is re-developed.

    • anon

      “Except for the brand new homes built just off New Hampshire, all the housing stock over there is really undesirable.”
      I don’t know what the housing stock is like as a whole, but the house my friends found two blocks from the Comstock Homes site (and for a few hundred thousand less) is very nice — a recently renovated single-family detached Colonial in brick. (And real brick, not brick facing like the Comstock Homes properties have.)
      The Comstock homes seem like a ripoff to me — they’re not cheap, and it seems like if you’re going to be that far out of central D.C. anyway (a few blocks from Eastern Avenue), you might as well look on the Maryland/Montgomery County side of Eastern Avenue. But I guess if you want a new-construction, single family detached home within the District proper, your options are going to be limited.

  • Anonymous

    My husband and I moved nearby, around the Riggs-LaSalle Community Center, and have been here for a little less than a year. While it isn’t the exact neighborhood you’re asking about, my sense is that in general, the area is a little dull. There’s not much going on, and the retail options are limited and not all that great. It’s fairly safe, though I don’t walk home from the metro when it’s dark out since some patches are a little isolated. Thankfully, there are lots of buses that service the area, and I’ve found that getting around isn’t that bad. The area is pretty stable, and a lot of the families in our area have been there for decades, so there is definitely a community feel among some of the neighbors. The public schools here don’t seem to be very good, so it’s a factor to consider if you have children. Takoma Park definitely has more charm and has cute little shops, and it’s easy to get there.

  • DC_Chica

    A friend of mine lives less than a block from Eastern & Whittier and really likes it – but as far as I know she is always walking up to downtown Takoma Park or east to the parks on the MD side (she lives by herself and has a dog). Unfortunately I can’t speak to the livability of the neighborhood further down Eastern that you’re considering, but NH Ave as it enters MD always struck me as pretty bleak. That said, you get more for the higher taxes you pay in Montgomery County, so it depends what your priorities are (i.e. schools, etc).

  • I actually live across from the field at the Lamond Rec Center in one of the early 1950′s brick detached single family houses. I’m in my early 40s and have lived here for 4 years. I have no kids so I don’t know much about the schools. The Sela Public Charter School (PCS), the District’s new Hebrew language charter school just recently opened in the area. The area is fairly quiet and relatively safe. Yes there are still many residents here who have been here for a while. There is a monthly community meeting (I’ve been a few times) and the regular attendees are the long time residents who always show genuine interest in the safety, maintenance and cleanliness of the neighborhood. True, there’s not a whole lot going on in the main neighborhood but Old Takoma is less than a mile away and that’s where I usually go to do stuff. There are a number of restaurants and shops and there is a bit of excitement about the development going on there – Bus Boys & Poets upcoming, Republic Restaurant, etc. There is an active Takoma listserv and business community.

  • Riggs Park Person

    I live on Eastern Avenue and you should join the listserve and read our community newsletter, and use those to get a sense of the neighborhood. It’s older, people value their property and are active in community efforts.

    Most of the people who post here have a narrow idea of what makes a neighborhood desirable as they don’t consider that not everyone wants or likes bars and some people prefer to own a car, live where it’s quieter. I have owned here since 2002, and lived here from 2002 to 2006, moved to Petworth with my husband, then moved back here in 2011 when I got divorced. In Petworth I had to deal with the corner boys, the police shining lights on the corner boys because of their drug activities, shootings, thefts, being verbally accosted while walking to and from the Metro, and dilapidated and abandoned houses that rats, druggies and prostitutes were squatting in. But, OK, yeah, I could walk to bars. And this was the “good” part of Petworth. Never dealt with any of that over here and downtown Takoma is lovely.

    Good luck in making your decision.

  • Ashley

    I just moved to Lamond Riggs 6 months ago from Arlington. We moved into the new construction Comstock homes on the corner of NH ave and Peabody. Coming from the Orange line in Arlington was quite a bit of change, but I love it so much more. It is peaceful, quiet and feels like you are in a real community. I have never felt unsafe about the area. When we moved in we had all of the longtime residents who surround our new neighborhood welcome us and invite us to the community meetings. Although some people define it is dull or dead, I think we got the best of both worlds. We feel like we are in a small suburban community, then once you turn the corner and get on N Capitol st you are right back into the livelihood of the city. Although there is not much to walk to, I really dont mind. That is why we left Arlington, you could not even open our windows without hearing the rowdy early 20’s parading around the streets every night down to Clarendon. You are close to Georgia Ave and the new walmart as well as they are building another walmart/mixed development project about a 10 minute walk from us. It is also a very quick drive to the new development in Brookland. I would definitely recommend it.

    • Anonymous

      As one member of a LGBT family, I’ve felt very welcomed here in Riggs Park. It’s safe, and you get a lot of house for your money. And a back yard. Now, the schools we are zoned for are terrible and we may have to move for that reason, but our neighbors are great, there is a wonderful feel to the place and we don’t regret moving here.


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