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Dear PoPville – Where do you get your Car’s Oil Changed?

by Prince Of Petworth January 2, 2014 at 2:30 pm 30 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

“Dear PoPville,

After a bad experience at the BP on Georgia and Park for an oil change, I am wondering if any of your readers have places they go to that they trust.

The BP put synthetic oil in my car without asking me first, which they then proceeded to tell me would cost $35 instead of the $19 advertised price. It’s not the $16 that I am most pissed about but the idea that as a business you can try to scheme your customers.”

  • Anonymous

    I heartily recommend doing yourself. It’s really, really easy and takes almost no time.

    • Anonymous

      Without the proper tools or space to work on a car, its not worth it. You save zero dollars and its a pain in the butt.

    • kken

      When I lived in Silver Spring with an outdoor parking garage, I would change my oil myself on the top floor. Paying $20 for 5 quarts of synthetic oil plus the oil filter sure beats $65 to pay someone else to do it. But my apt mgmt HATED me for it, made their place look so white trash (and I’m not white LOL). But I kept things nice and tidy and never spilled oil.

      My current building in DC has underground parking so I’ll pay someone else to do it at this point.

  • bcbwdc

    Highly suggest Pedro’s American Foreign, V and Vermont. americanforeigncar.com

    • Park

      +1 Great guy and business

  • dewbert

    I trek out to Joyce Motors in Arlington. They’ve always been fantastic.

  • anon

    I get pretty much all of my car work done at Total Automotive in Riverdale.

  • kken

    Actually if it was really synthetic oil, $35 is a total bargain. I drive a turbo Jetta that kind of requires it, always costs me $60+. You still got taken but at best, they used hybrid oil. I think they just didn’t want to charge you $19 really.

    • anonymous

      That is a bargain for synthetic. I have a turbo Passat and take it to Wes Greenways. Fifty bucks with a coupon (last time they threw in free wipers too). Sign up for their emails and they send them every few months. I took it to Curry’s once in Arlington and they charged me $115!

  • crystal

    I’ve been using the AAMCO on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring. Good people and reasonable prices.

  • Anonymous

    I used Jiffy Lube on Bladensburg Road, just over the border in MD. Really nice guys and they did the job quickly and cheaply.

  • anon

    I went to Merchant’s on Bladensburg NE… Got an appointment relatively easy, started on time, didn’t take all that long, and less than $25. That works for me.

  • elly2

    Just don’t go to the Jiffy Lube on Jackson St in Arlington. I had to wait over an hour for the guy to check me out. They had finished with my car, and parked in in a lot out back. It took an hour after that for them to hand over the keys.

  • AnonAgain

    I go to Jiffy Lube, usually the one on Duke Street not too far outside Old Town. Never had any problems, if you go early in the morning there’s not much of a wait.

    • Anonymous

      I go there, too, and have always had good experience. They’ve caught a few issues I wouldn’t have figured out for ages, and b/c they don’t have a garage themselves I’m confident it was not just a way to get me to spend more money on repairs.

  • Anonymous

    Jiffy Lube is the devil’s spawn… I go to Mobil 1 express in Kensington MD. They have been good, but the price seems to go up every time I go there, currently a synthetic oil change (6qts) costs $89, but it’s worth it, synthetic oil changes last for at least 6,000 miles.

  • Lord Downpatrick

    Shell station at Georgia and Upshur. About $35.00.

    • timmyp

      I posted this place first and for some reason it’s not there. I totally agree with you on this place. Super easy to get in and it’s really reasonable. Nice people and they don’t do work that you don’t ask for. Closer in to the city than a lot of the previous posts.

      • Anonymous

        That’s because you posted your comment in a different thread (about the Lamond-Riggs neighborhood)…

    • jim_ed

      These guys are great. I take my car here when it needs actual service work done. For oil changes, I seriously recommend buying your own oil and filter and just paying someone to do the change. This way you make sure you get good oil and a good filter, and can go longer between oil changes. Most service stations charge $10-$15 to change oil you provide.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I use the Jiffy Lube out New Hampshire just over the MD/DC line. They are very nice and talk to you.

  • kanon

    I still get my oil changed at the shop in my hometown. I go back frequently enough, and I trust them. They don’t recommend unnecessary add-ons, they are super cheap, and they do a great job. I also still use my hometown bank, hair stylist, and nail lady. So some may say I still have one foot back there, but I honestly do love living here!

    • Anonymous

      I used to do that too, but eventually phased all those activities out over time. I still visit my hometown once a month, but now would rather spend all my time visiting friends and family and not running errands.

  • I use Auto Tech Services on Ontario Road in Adams Morgan. I refer to them as my “overly honest mechanic” – they will actually recommend AGAINST certain repairs if they’re not critical. Have gotten my oil changed there several times too and they are super friendly. I’ve also used the Jiffy Lube on NH Ave and had a fine experience there, but I just like to support the little guys who have awesome customer service.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve used Auto Tech Services and they’re wonderful. Really honest. They’ve done a great job on repair work. They also filled my flat tire with air, so I could get to Costco and get it fixed under warranty. No charge for their time to review the tire.

    • Anonymous

      LOVE this place! I believe the oil change is $38?

  • soozles

    I get all my car work done at Lee’s Auto Service on 8th St. NE, just over the bridge from the Brookland Metro. I’ve been going to him for 25 years because he’s honest and reasonable. I’ve likewise heard good things about Patti’s guy on Ontario.

  • Riggs Park Person

    I got to Old Town Auto in downtown Takoma Park. Kai and Kit are honest and really nice. Been taking my cars there since 1999.

  • Duponter

    The Mobil right on Calvert in Adams Morgan. Which may be closed by now (sold my car a few years back so haven’t needed an oil change in a while), but was always quick and easy when I went there. And you can wander around AdMo while they do it. I can’t imagine an oil change is so particular that one would need to drive out to the suburbs to have it done.

  • sg7

    Really? That’s unfortunate. I was just there last week. In and out in 20 minutes and they only charged me $19. They did begin to try and upsell me on some brake work, but I let them know I already have a mechanic in Virginia (Robbie at the D&V on Wilson Blvd. and Frederick St., has been our guy for 15 years) and they backed off quickly. Maybe I shouldn’t go back?


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