From the Forum – Any ideas for movers, moving box rentals?

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2014 at 2:15 pm 53 Comments

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Any ideas for movers, moving box rentals?

“My roommate and I are moving in early February from H Street NE to SW. We were hoping to rent moving boxes/plastic crates to cut down on waste and lugging boxes on the bus (neither of us have cars), and we’re getting movers. Recommendations for either? Is there a company that both provides reusable boxes and then moves them for a decent price?”

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  • That Man A

    not reusable but just go to some big box stores (like the giant on H) & get boxes from them for free

  • Blithe

    Bookstore movers are awesome! I used them recently, and recommend them HIGHLY.
    If you google “plastic moving boxes dc” — you’ll find several options. Have you called them for quotes?

    • BadgerWonk

      Seconded – LOVED Bookstore!

    • Beau

      Thirded. They were great.

    • kallie

      i’m using bookstore movers this weekend – so i really hope they are as great as everyone says!!

    • amber

      Another vote for Bookstore!

    • anon1

      and another vote!

    • Amy

      And another for Bookstore Movers! Amazing service, super polite, efficient, and incredibly careful. Price compares very well to others.

  • megmu99

    UHaul stores generally put a pile of free/gently used moving boxes outside and you can just grab what you need. I used Gentle Giant when I moved and loved them, but they are a bit pricey. My friend loves loves loves Bookstore Movers. I don’t think you can go wrong with using either of them.

  • Sebrof

    Home Depot has cheap boxes. Not for rent, but not too expensive to buy.

    As far as movers, I highly recommend Bookstore Movers. We used them for our last move and they were really fantastic and very reasonably priced.

  • Pixie

    I highly recommend My Truck Buddy! You can rent moving boxes from them too, although I didn’t use that service when I moved.

    • Sarah

      Completely second this – used My Truck Buddy for my last three moves and they are GREAT – super professional, on-time and they put my bed back together for me as well.

    • zainoce

      We also had a great experience with them this summer – they were very professional and efficient. We got boxes from CVS and through Freecycle (also great for related packing materials!), and then Freecycled the boxes that were still in good shape afterword.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, My Truck Buddy has helped me with two moves and they are AWESOME! Great employees, every interaction has been positive. They even allowed me to reschedule at no charge when the new apartment fell through.

    • Anonymous

      I had a great experience with My Truck Buddy too. I used them to just move a heavy couch from someone’s house into my walkup apartment, not an entire move. But it’s awesome that you can use them for smaller things like that without having to ask friends or bother with renting a vehicle.

  • MK

    I highly recommend BungoBox –

    and found DC Top Choice Movers to have the best price (and they did a great job) –
    Phone: (407) 719-4794
    Email: DCTopChoiceMovers@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure what you’re looking for in terms of lugging stuff on the bus. If it’s a one-time trip following the moving truck, it would probably be easier and faster to split renting a Zip car or a conventional rental car for the day. We’ve used Town & Country movers for two moves with success. Probably not the cheapest, but they showed up on time, worked hard, were careful with our stuff, and got the job done. I think they have reusable tubs. (I was a little concerned about bed bugs, so did not use their tubs.) Try calling around to a few moving companies to get quotes.

    • textdoc

      I think the OP was talking about not wanting to lug boxes on the bus when procuring the boxes themselves, as opposed to during the move.

  • MsSunshine

    Great Scott Movers did right by me a few years ago, Fast and efficient. But make sure you are fully packed–I mean every last thing. (That goes for any professional mover.) You pay by the hour and dawdling adds up.
    And I found free boxes on Craig’s List and good ole Popville — and redistributed them the same way. No need to pay. Just start keeping an eye out!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve used Two Marines and a Truck, and was really pleased with them both times. I ended up buying boxes at uhaul.com and having them shipped to my door. It was $80 and it felt sort of wasteful, but I got a ton of them (including wardrobe boxes), I didn’t have to haul them anywhere and I knew they were sturdy.

  • Meg

    Craigslist usually has listings for free boxes. I wouldn’t do it any other way if I could help it.

    • textdoc

      There are often free boxes on the FreecycleDC Yahoogroup too.
      OP, I know you don’t want to drag boxes around on the bus, but if you could score enough free boxes at once, maybe it would be worth renting a ZipCar or Car2Go?

      • Anonymous

        I got all my boxes for my last move from a woman in Adams Morgan on Freecycle. I rented a ZipCar for one hour ($10) and stuffed the car full of boxes (she had already flattened them for me). After I moved one week later, I gave away all the boxes to another Freecycler who borrowed her friend’s car to haul them. Worked perfectly and was super cheap!

  • Beau

    I used Bookstore Movers and they were awesome. Good price, sent an extra mover at no charge, friendly folks. They started flagging around hour 2, but I bought them so sodas and candy bars and they finished the job quickly.

  • elijayce

    My truck Buddy – have used them twice and they are awesome.

  • I’ve used My Truck Buddy on 3 consecutive moves now, and would use them again were I to move in the future. Unlike other movers they charge in quarter-hour increments, so you don’t get screwed for a whole hour if your move takes a partial one. They also don’t start billing until right when they start loading and cut-off as soon as the last box is dropped. Their guys are BIG, friendly, fast, and respectful of our stuff every time.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Free boxes can also be found on freecycledc . I used Town & Country to pack me up and move me out and they were great. They are more expensive but they also pay better and my guys had been with T & C for 10 years plus. Nothing got broken and they hauled away an old chest of drawers I no longer wanted.

  • rdo

    Elf Boxes: http://www.elfboxes.com

    They were awesome. They delivered them to our old places and picked them up at our new apartment after two weeks…

  • CT

    You can also order new moving boxes on line — which saves lugging them on the bus. I moved recently — and bought new boxes. It was more wasteful than recycling — but it significantly reduced my worries re: bedbugs and such. I’d rather spend $100 on boxes than worry about bedbugs.

  • I got moves like jaggar

    Go to any liquor store. The have wine boxes that aren’t too big or too small. They are always very willing to give them if you ask.

  • smgreene67

    My husband and I are moving on Wednesday and have about 65 regular boxes and 12 wardrobe boxes. We will sell them to you for cheaper than you can rent them. email me at sebrina.mcclendon@verizon.net if you are interested. We purchased some from U-Haul and others from cheapmovingboxes.com.

    • anon

      Selling used boxes? Really? I know boxes aren’t cheap (if you get a lot of them), but still… this seems distasteful.
      And If I were going to pay good money for boxes, I’d want them to be virgin, not ones that someone had already used.

      • smgreene67

        You did not have to respond.

      • Bfins

        Virgin boxes, eh? To each their own fetish, I guess.

  • amber

    Already chimed in on Bookstore Movers, but I also used RentOurBoxes.com for moving boxes. Delivery and pick up was a breeze and, by renting, you can set your pick up day and force yourself to unpack by a certain time!

  • brightwooder

    I had a lot of luck getting boxes from liquor stores in my neighborhood. If you call ahead, if they’re nice they can save them for you. The wine boxes are great for packing glassware since they have the separaters. I used Gentle Giant a few months ago and LOVED them. It was really hard to fit our couch in our basement door and the guys kept trying (in a gentle, respectful way) and finally took the door off the hinges and the feet off the couch and made it fit, something I think others wouldn’t have done. We have an old row house w/narrow steps, and they were really careful w/the walls. Couldn’t recommend more!

  • smgreene67

    My husband and I are moving on Thurs and using Bookstore Movers. We purchased a lot of boxes. We will sell them to you cheaper than it would cost you to rent boxes from the mover. let me know if you are interested.

  • lindz0722

    I used Handy Movin & Haulin (http://www.handymovin.com/) partially because their name amused me, partially because of great Yelp reviews, and mainly because of the good price and simple to understand quote. Highly recommend them. I also just bought some cardboard boxes — it was easy that way, and I didn’t have to worry about that on top of everything else that goes along with a move.

  • eobiwankenobi

    We used wegobox.com for box rentals when we moved last spring. The solid plastic boxes were awesome – all the same size so they stack in the truck easily (we moved ourselves with a uhaul), and the hard plastic means your stuff won’t get squashed. The lids click closed so there’s minimal messing with packing tape. They drop them off and pick them up right from your door. It was great. I think they have wardrobe boxes too.

    • N

      I second the wegobox suggestion!

  • Anonymous

    I recommend Peach Moving. They are a local, Hill-based moving company, and did a great job for us.

    • Anonymous

      We had a terrible experience with them – felt hustled.

  • Anonymous

    Free section on Craigslist – there are moving boxes on there constantly

  • jumpingjack

    I used Wego Boxes for a move a few months ago and was very happy. The plastic boxes are infinitely easier to use than cardboard ones, and more sturdy – it took a lot of stress out of my move. Highly recommend.

    I also want to throw in my recommendation for Bookstore Movers. They are hands down best in the city.

  • Shawn

    For boxes, two words: liquor stores. Excellent source for boxes.

    Having worked at both a Borders and a Barnes & Noble, I knew when I moved back in the day that their dumpsters were excellent sources for moving boxes. Sigh.

    Bookstores. Remember them?

  • Tory

    I’ve never used them, but I’ve heard of one company that rents reusable moving boxes, Repax, http://repax.com/. They gave me a free water bottle at Sweetlife Fest last spring. No comment on their boxes, except that the ones in their Sweetlife display looked pretty and sturdy.

    • Anonymous

      I just used them recently and would highly recommend. They had a coupon code (don’t know if it’s still available) and the boxes, drop off and pick up were perfect.

    • Anon

      +100000000 on Repax. I’ve used them twice! Fantastic customer service, and I swear you’ll never use cardboard moving boxes again.

  • AnonAgain

    I used Safeway Van Lines twice and was happy with them. They’re also a little less expensive, and stuck to the estimate I had gotten before booking them.

    As for boxes, I moved most of my stuff using alcohol boxes I got for free from liquor stores. Most have a stash somewhere, and they’re small enough that I can load them up without worrying that I can’t carry them (I used the movers for my furniture and moved most smaller items by myself to save money).

  • jeffb

    I have always gotten awesome custom moving boxes for free by searching Craig’s List. There are tons of rich people who have just moved and used brand new wardrobe boxes, dish boxes, etc., and they need to get rid of them and just want someone to take them away.

  • AlwaysMoving

    I have used Rent-Our-Boxes for three moves and have been VERY pleased with their service. They drop off and pick up the boxes for you and their employees are reliable, efficient, and friendly. The service they provide is so helpful! In terms of movers, the best movers I’ve used (and I’ve moved a lot within DC the last few years) were Bookstore Movers — so I’d second what others have commented!

  • Anon

    Anytime Movers – great guys who have moved me and four different friends now! Affordable, fast, and you can buy discounted boxes from then & they will deliver for free!

  • spruzin

    OP here—thanks for the help, everyone! I really appreciate it, and I’m feeling a bit less stressed out.


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