Dear PoPville – When Will Christmas Trees Get Collected? Will they Still be Composted?

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2014 at 2:30 pm 8 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I’m aware that until Jan. 11th, Christmas trees were supposed to be composted by the city, and after that they’ll be trashed/not composted. I got this info here.

We’ve had our tree in our alley alongside our recycling/trash cans since New Year’s Day, but it (along with what seems like every other tree in the alleys of Mt Pleasant as of a walk I took last night around 10pm) has been ignored by the city over what is now two trash/recycling pickups. We had trash pick up yesterday and recycling pickup today and the tree was ignored both times.

I called 311 and was told someone would be out eventually to get the trees, but when I asked whether there was any way to ensure that the trees would be composted given tomorrow’s deadline, the person I spoke with became very cagey and dismissive and basically just told me that the trees would be removed.

Any ideas from readers as to what to do would be much appreciated!”

DPW wrote to the various listserves:

“The Department of Public Works apologizes to District residents for the inconvenience caused by missed trash and recycling collections last week. Our operations were hampered by severe weather on Tuesday and staff shortages through the week because of employees unable to work because of the flu. We expect normal operations to resume this week. We appreciate your patience.”

I emailed DPW to ask if trees would still be composted and they replied:

“Winter weather – snow and ice – have kept our leaf collection drivers on the streets spreading salt or plowing, which means we have gotten behind on tree and greenery collections. We are continuing to collect this week and these items will be composted.”

  • Anonymous

    walking around the alleys at 10PM? Not a good move.

  • nightcheese

    Trash collection in Mount Pleasant has been really bad lately. We had over three weeks worth of trash sitting in our bins before they finally visited my side of the street late last week. I hope they pick your tree up and compost it properly!

  • anon

    I feel sorry for the guys who have to pick them up after all this time, because my dog has insisted on pissing on every Christmas tree in Eckington and Bloomingdale. And he’s doing it to cover the pee from every other dog that’s pissed on the trees before him.

  • JPK

    MTP is rolling in more xmas trees than you can shake a stick at

  • Anonymous

    On Sunday I walked from Barracks Row to H Street and must have passed well over 80 Christmas trees (that’s a low estimate) on the sidewalks on my 30 minute walk.

  • Jaycee

    Thank you for sharing this info – I called 311 yesterday and they said the tree would be picked up this week with my trash collection – I sure hope so!

  • bb

    Thanks for sharing. I was wondering when the two trees in front of my house were going to be picked up! There are tons of these things floating around right now…

  • Brandon

    Just got this update on the newhill east listserve

    DPW is continuing to collect holiday trees and greenery for the next two weeks from the curb as well as residents’ trash and recycling points of collection. These items will be taken to the transfer stations where we will separate out the trees for composting. Since December 29, when these collections were to begin, we have had several snow/ice events, which required the leaf collections drivers to switch over to snow removal operations.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Kevin B. Twine


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