Dear PoPville – I’ll watch your dog for Free!

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2014 at 2:30 pm 40 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

I really want a dog, but at this current moment in my life I cannot commit to loving one full time. So I have decided to try and love your dog on a temporary basis.

If you want someone to take your dog on an occasional walk, or play with the lil’ guy while you engage in the rest of your life, well then I’m your guy. I’m happy to provide some references, and do what it takes to show you that I am a trustworthy fellow. If things work out, I would be willing to watch your dog for free when you need me to. I do have a 9-5 job, so I couldn’t help you out during the working week, but weekends and after work I would be available.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’d be happy to swing by for a meet and greet.

All the best,

  • Eileen

    You should contact CityDogs – they’re always looking for occasional dogwalkers and other kinds of ad hoc volunteering! http://www.citydogsrescuedc.org/volunteer.html#.UtBMGNJdWSo

    • wandafish

      Unfortunately, on that same page:

      “Dog Walkers: We are not accepting applications for dog walkers at this time. As a foster-based rescue, we do not have a physical shelter with all the dogs.”

      Does anyone know when this might open up soon? Has anyone volunteered as a dogwalker for CityDogs?

      • anon

        There are other dog related volunteer organizations around and they all need volunteers

        • Can you name some please?

      • Anonymous

        I’m in their dog walking program, but it’s on a temporary hiatus. When it starts back up, there may be spots open, but since they asked for a year commitment from dog walkers last summer, it may be awhile. They’re always looking for handlers at adoption events, though. And other shelters–WHS and WARL–have similar programs.

    • DC

      Great idea. Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation need volunteers every single weekend. It’s mostly in VA, but they will hand you a dog to try to adopt at their event if you are there. I have done it a few times and when I was able to get a dog adopted out, it was a great feeling. I highly recommend it. http://www.lostdogrescue.org/

      • sg7

        Definitely. There are plenty of dogs at the LDCRF volunteer events; it’s a great way to meet new people and play with some pups.

  • anon

    Volunteer for a rescue organization. You’ll get to spend plenty of time with dogs during the weekend.

    • csp

      Absolutely volunteer with a rescue! You can sign up to handle dogs at adoption events for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, which is a high-reward, low-commitment way to spend some time with dogs who need some love. http://www.luckydoganimalrescue.org. I also believe that Wagtime, near the convention center, allows volunteers to walk the rescue dogs they board, take them to the dog park nearby, etc.

      • Anonymous

        I adopted my dog from Lucky Dog and I volunteer with PAW.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, and I met my dog for the first time when she was being boarded at Wagtime!

  • AP

    This is awesome and adorable! Now I wish more than ever that I had a dog lol

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the old Farley/Sandler SNL sketch, Herlihy Boy.

    For the LOVE of GOD, just let the boy WALK YOUR DOG!!

  • anon

    How about getting a part time job as a dog walker?

  • sharon

    I believe DC Humane Society looks for volunteers to walk dogs and may have a program for folks to go running with dogs – helps socialize the dogs, gets them good exercise and could meet your needs for good companionship from those who greatly need it.

  • Would recommend trying Lucky Dog Animal Rescue as well. They often need handlers at adoption events. The DC shelter also uses volunteers on the weekends.

  • Anonymous

    Washington Animal Rescue League is always looking for volunteers to spend time with their pups!!!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      The volunteer manager at WARL at present is an idiot. She took me out of the system after 6 years of committing to every weekend, basically on a whim. I’d recommend Wash Humane over WARL, at least they are making the effort to avoid euthanasia. WARL considers it “an important management tool.”

      • saf

        They have always been idiots. I have tried to work with them on and off for years. It’s always been horrible.

  • Anonymous

    He looks kinda cute. :)

    • Lord Sebastian Flyte

      My thought exactly……I’ll take him for a walk.

  • There is an organization for volunteers to help pet-owners who might be sick or temporarily unable to care for their pets – I can’t think of the name – anyone?

  • Mack

    You can become an approved Foster through City Dogs Rescue and probably other rescues, but I’m one through City Dogs. If you don’t want to commit to their two week foster commitment, they often just need short term fosters to watch dogs for weekends or something when the longer term fosters go out of town! It’s a great way to get some time with the dogs!

  • I wonder if this would work with kids…

    • city dweller

      There are other concerns regarding letting single men watch your children. The media, especially “To Catch A Predator”, has made most people FAR too paranoid to let a strange man watch their children.

  • Oh man, I spend so much money on dog sitters when I have to travel. This seems like it is too good to be true.

    • kevin

      Jeff’s a good friend of mine. I can guarantee this is legit. Guy’s just looking for a nice dog to hang out with!

      • I’m intrigued, and Kevin, you know I consider your word to be solid gold. I wasn’t questioning this dude at all (he seems wicked awesome). I am just saying that it sounds like a pretty sweet arrangement! I hope someone takes him up on it–sounds like a win win.

        • Anonymous

          Your inclination to question an offer like this would be smart. Honestly, this sounds like a bad idea. Anyone with street smarts wouldn’t just take some guy they don’t know up on an offer like this. Good luck to the OP if he’s a good guy, but don’t expect people to let you into their lives because you like dogs or whatever.

          • But anyone with “street smarts” would certainly know how to meet “some guy,” talk to him, check him out as needed and decide whether or not to “let him into their lives.”

          • Anonymous

            You can pick apart the use of the phrase “street smarts”, but the point is valid. Someone who seeks you out for something like this is much more likely to take advantage than someone you find on your own. Much MUCH more likely.

  • Good timing! I also think I should get involved with volunteering. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • Lola

    Jeff is awesome and if I had a dog I would be completely comfortable letting them hang out together – he is also a great chef, excellent gardener, can identify all sorts of cool things in Rock Creek, and he has a good sense of humor (for those of you who are wondering….;)).

    • Anonymous

      Is he single?

  • If you swing by Wagtime and talk to the owner Lisa, she’s always looking for people with other dogs to take one of the Lucky Dog pups home for a night or two as a foster.

    • Nathan

      PLEASE stay away from Wagtime.

  • Liza

    Look at DogVacay.com. You can actually hang a shingle to dog sit and get paid for it through this system, which handles all payment and insurance. We use it a lot.

  • Gretchen

    Another option is the Washington Humane Society’s People & Animal Cardio Klub (PACK) where you go running with dogs on the weekends.


  • margaret

    It might have changed since I volunteered, but I didn’t enjoy my time at the Washington Humane Society. I wanted to hang out with the dogs, but instead they had me trying to clicker train the dogs to not bark while in their kennels, which was nearly impossible to do since all the dogs were totally distracted from being in a room filled with other distracted dogs. I usually ended up doing the laundry, since it was always piled high.


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