Brookland’s Finest Still Opening this Winter (take a peek inside) and a Combo Bike/Coffee Shop also Coming to Brookland?

by Prince Of Petworth January 29, 2014 at 10:22 pm 11 Comments

12th and Jackson Street, NE

Exciting times continue for Brookland. Like many others I had gotten exhausted following all the mishigas going on with Brookland’s Finest liquor license so I’m super psyched to report that co-owner Tony T tells me they are back on track for a “winter opening”. And I took a peek inside and you can see the huge progress that is now taking shape:


And in other potentially exciting Brookland news – Eater DC reports:

“Filter coffeehouse owner Rasheed Jabr tells Eater that the company is mulling a new location in the Northeast neighborhood. The location would be a partnership with the Bike Rack to create a combination bike shop/coffee shop.”

They say the space would be located under the B of the huge Brookland sign in Monroe Street Market. Filter currently has locations in Dupont and Foggy Bottom, and Bike Rack is located in Logan Circle. Updates on the Brookland space when/if they get closer to opening this summer.


  • JenDC

    Love Filter, would be a great addition to Brookland (although I hope the sq footage is more affordable, so there might be a bit more hangout room!)

  • MetMet

    A bike shop right along the MBT would be great!

    • wylie coyote

      An excellent idea on multiple fronts:

      1) If you catch a flat on the trail (or, God forbid, run into other difficulties on the trail that lead to your bike being damaged), you can walk your bike there for repairs

      2) People who have little experience riding might be able to take prospective bikes to the trail for a test run (which isn’t as fun of an experience coming out of a shop on a busy sidewalk/street, I’d imagine).

      I also think the idea of adding a coffee shop element to a bike shop is awesome, because (1) you can grab a cup while you’re waiting for minor repairs to get done and (2) bike shops are generally social places, so if you add the coffee element, maybe a critical mass of bikers can get to know one another/ride together on the trail, etc

    • Anon

      I’ve always thought that the spot right on Randolph St. in one of those old industrial building sets up perfectly to cater to bikers for coffee/drinks/snacks.

  • Filter and Bike Rack would be the perfect combo. And right next to the trail? Open now.

  • TG

    I am more interested in what kind of “Total Relaxation” I might be able to get next door.

  • Anna Cooper

    @Pop – great use of the word mishigas

    • textdoc

      Where? (Maybe I am skimming too quickly??)

  • NDC

    Great to see progress on Brookland’s finest after all the nonsense they’ve had to go through, and, as a Brookland resident, I am STRONGLY in support of a bike shop in the area, and combining with coffee is just icing on the cake. Mr. Jabr, if you’re reading this, you’re coming to the right neighborhood!

  • Anonymous

    Very exciting news!

  • LLG

    Looking forward to patronizing Brookland’s Finest!


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