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New Brookland Sign at Monroe Street Market

by Prince Of Petworth April 29, 2013 at 11:30 am 50 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

On the Brookland listserve it was pretty much love it or hate it. I’m def. leaning towards the love it side. What do you guys think – a little too in your face or neighborhood pride at its best?

Ed. Note: Thanks to Brandon and others who also sent photos.

  • blithe


  • I love it.

    It puts an emphasis on great new things coming to the neighborhood. That’s a great thing to highlight for Brookland, which has had less development than many neighborhoods. Now I just hope the Market lives up to its claim here – to be the (future) pride of the neighborhood.

  • manimal

    i need to see it in person, but i think i love it too.

    • From the picture I love, but I too need to see it in person for a final appraisal.

  • Maybe now it will gentrify?

    • Anonymous

      That happened a while ago.

  • Anonymous

    Saw it on the H2 last friday. I though it was pretty nice. I hope hoodlums don’t tag the rest of the building.

  • Anonymous

    Seems out of character for the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    love it!

  • badass

  • Looks like a Jail…

    • Anonymous

      not really

  • Anonymous

    I see it on my way to work everyday and I love it.

  • bb

    Love it.

  • bloomer

    I think it looks awesome, although I haven’t seen it in person. It’s a little too shiny right now, but once it starts fading a bit it will look very cool I think.

    • Anonymous

      I agree… cool now, awesome after a few years of weathering.

      I just saw it for the first time this morning (when did it go up, anyone know?) and found it a little overwhelming at first. It grew on me in the time it took me to drive past, though.

  • Tom

    Love it.

  • anon

    Brooklander here…and I LOVE it, in pics and in person. I think it helps add identity to an awesome neighborhood that sometimes flies under the DC radar. And I agree that it highlights the good things that are coming to the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      I just want to say, I went to your neighborhood for the first time yesterday (after living in the area for 8 years!) and fell in love with it. Absolutely charming! Almost made us wish we hadn’t bought in Eastern Market.

      • anon

        Yeah, we had never been to (or even really heard of) Brookland before we bought here about a year ago. A co-worker who lives in the area said magic words like “detached house” and “big yards” and we were intrigued. After driving around the neighborhood one day, we knew this was the place for us and we LOVE it here. We got a detached house and a yard – and we’re still only 7-10 minutes from downtown DC. We’re now trying to get friends who are buying for the first time into the neighborhood.

        • Anonymous

          I guess most people still end up driving a lot in this neighborhood don’t they? But it’s still a lot better connected to public transit than the suburbs are and I’m guessing the traffic’s better too.

          • anon

            Yeah, we do have to drive quite a bit. There is not really a walkable grocery store (with the exception of Yes Organic, but that’s too expensive to do weekly shopping). I think the neighborhood is really hoping that the Monroe development includes a major grocer (which it’s rumored to have). But it is on the red line and just a couple of stops away from Union, Metro Center, etc.

          • anon

            I think it really depends on where you are.

            The Southeast end of the neighborhood is a pretty easy walk to the Giant off Rhode Island Ave. The Florida Ave Market/NoMA are very close on Metro, and Bike access is excellent. Sit-down restaurant options are limited, but there are two very good places (Little Ricky’s and Menomale), and at least one or two more seem to be in the works.

            I rarely drive living here. I imagine that people living on the Northeastern portion of the neighborhood would have a slightly different take.

  • Anonymous

    Love it

  • Trolling for Hate

    Shouldn’t it be “YN” not “AND”

    • Anonymous

      it’s english.

    • Anonymous

      brookland is named after a guy named col. brooks who owned a bunch of land. brook’s land became brookland.

  • hma


  • Noticed that this morning on my ride in. Couldn’t help but sing a modified Beasty Boys song in my head. Also the spire you showed renderings of the other day looks great from where I saw it too. It echoed the CUA churches spire in the distance. This development is shaping up nicely.

  • Anonymous

    Love it! Yes, a bit in your face marketing, but why not be Brookland proud and let everyone know it.

    • Anonymous

      And while it was, much to the chagrin of some listeserv curmudgeons, painted by “the developer” (isn’t every past and present structure built by some form of a construction company?), it has no corporate branding whatsoever. Just says the name of the neighborhood, which is quite cool and quite rare. Well done.

  • trey

    Is that on the Maryland side of DC?

    • Anonymous


  • Rebecca

    Love it? I’m glad they did something with that side of the building – it was looking pretty blank from the Metro. Also, kind of agree with whoever said it looks like a prison! (But a nice prison.)

  • Anonymous

    i thought that was edgewood?

    • Anonymous

      yup, west of the tracks is edgewood. but few actually care.

    • eponymous

      I suppose if you’re reading it, chances are you’re standing in Brookland.

  • Anonymous

    Love it. It would be cool if each letter was uplit for nighttime.

    • gk

      Oooh. Lights would really add something. And THEN we’d hear people scream. :-)

  • Looks graphic and great. Fits the (new-made-to-look-old) “post-industrial” aesthetic of the development. Much prefer to ‘Monroe Street Market’ name on building.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t it be a trendy shortened name, like “BroLa”?

    • BeverlyS

      Well played.

  • MetMet

    Love it! Looks great from the Metro.

  • BrooklandResident

    We love it! And, with the exception of a handful of people who have complained on the listserve, we have not heard anyone say anything negative about it.

  • Brookland represent! Love it! Make it bigger, smaller, shinier, tag it, don’t tag it, it’s awesome and I love looking at it every day on my way to work!

  • I like it.

  • Anonymous

    I take the metro to Brookland for work everyday, and I love the sign.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a little over the top. Would like something more understated in keeping with the low key, peaceful vibe of the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      Enjoy that peaceful vibe while it lasts. Change is imminent

  • It greets me every day on the way to metro, and I kinda love it. Mixed reactions from the rest of the neighborhood, but then again we are an argumentative bunch. It will look even better once it has gotten a little weathered. Go Brookland!


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