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  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming this house has some connection to the Jackson family. Very touching.

    • Rukasu

      None at all!

  • Anonymous

    Glad I do not live next door.

  • I drive by this house almost every day and wince every time I glance at it. I feel so sorry for their neighbors. I have to assume there is some kind of mental illness involved here, otherwise this bizarre display is totally inexplicable.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think this would bother me if I lived next door. I guess it could make it harder to sell my house though.

      • It’d definitely make it harder to sell, because I wouldn’t buy a house next to obviously crazy neighbors like these. I wouldn’t want to look at all this crap rotting more and more each day. If you walk by the front it just looks worse the closer you get- none of this stuff is meant to be outside. I have to imagine the inside of the house looks like an episode of Hoarders – I’d have serious pest concerns as well if I were their neighbor. Also, Michael Jackson died like 4 years ago. Get over it, lol.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I live further south on 8th Street so I’ve seen it up close and I don’t think it looks that bad.

    • Anonymous

      I live a few blocks from here and have met the lady who lives here and her cute little dog. She’s very friendly and fun to talk to- definitely don’t think it’s a case of mental illness…

  • kook47797

    As long as there’s no nuisance or public health issue, what’s the problem? It takes all kinds. This is what living in a community is all about. Much more interesting than some cookie cutter enclave with all kinds of HOA restrictions.

    • +1. I like a little weirdness in my neighbors, so long as they’re not breaking any laws or disturbing the peace. And from the comments below, it sounds like these are nice people.

  • Anonymous

    They’re actually very nice people. Aside from hearing “Looking Through the Windows” every afternoon I have no complaints.

  • Anya

    I am a neighbor and I don’t mind the display one bit. They are the friendliest folks on the block, and keep everything very tidy. In fact, they frequently clean up the sidewalk for the whole block. It’s not all Michael Jackson, either. The foil covered table in front is a tribute to Nelson Mandela. Feel free to say hello when you’re passing by, the whole family is very nice.

    • h st ll

      +1. I live across the street from them and they are super nice. I love that they throw parties for his birth and death days also and invite all the neighbors. Always a good time. They are also great neighbors (told me years ago when some one backed in to my truck who it was – back when I still had a vehicle.)

      And values on the block are super high, they aren’t hurting anything.

  • BiLL

    I live a block away and avoid this eyesore. Sorry, I’m all for some personality in neighborhoods, but this is absurd.

  • BJF

    I work near here and pass the house often when I take walks at lunchtime. I love the character of this house and its quirkiness. I have no idea who lives here, but find the comments assuming some sort of mental problem to be very judgmental — and apparently incorrect given comments from neighbors that the homeowners are delightful. More characters – and humor — in this city are wonderful things.

  • Anonymous

    Whrere is this?

    • That Man A

      pretty much right @ 8th & K NE

  • Rukasu
  • Reality

    Have walked past this house many times. Always something to look at … not a problem.


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