Yoga Heights Coming to 3506 Georgia Ave in the new Avenue Building this Spring

by Prince Of Petworth December 2, 2013 at 11:30 am 17 Comments

3506 Georgia Avenue, NW

From the owners:

“The goal of Yoga Heights is to make yoga accessible for ALL people and ALL budgets. In addition to typical yoga classes, we plan to have classes in Spanish and French, some donation/free classes, kids yoga, seniors yoga, and a “Karma Class” that would be a little more expensive but for each class someone buys, we’ll donate a free class to someone. (Like the Tom’s Shoes model.)”

Owners Jess and Amy posing in their new space

  • Anonymous

    Seriously?! That’s all they could get in there? Where are the retailers and restaurants? No offense intended to the yoga shop owners for getting a good deal, but if first floor prime commercial space is a yoga shop in a building like that, it’s way underpriced.

    • Lauren

      I have to disagree – I think this will be a great addition to the area. It fills a void in the area, and will bring a bit of diversity to the commercial corridor.

    • Anonymous

      Where are all the restaurants? Besides across the street and on all of the surrounding blocks?

    • Anonymous

      If it was underpriced wouldn’t you expect a restaurant to jump on the space then? Perhaps there wasn’t demand from restaurants, which led to the owner lowering their rent expectations and leasing it to a yoga studio. Either way, seems like a nice addition and certainly better than a vacancy.

  • neighborly


  • anon

    I was hoping for restaurants/retail that would be more upscale than most of what’s currently on that stretch of Georgia Avenue. I guess a yoga studio is upscale-ish… but I suspect it will be less a driver of change than a sit-down restaurant would have been.

  • derekb

    I don’t even do yoga and I’m excited. There are plenty of restaurants within 4-5 blocks. this is a much needed addition to a commercially diversifying neighborhood and street.

  • Georgia Ave resident

    How awesome! Restaurants are great but I hate having to trek to another neighborhood for a yoga class. Psyched to have what looks like will be a great studio nearby to where I live.

  • Anonymous

    Love it!! Finally yoga close enough to walk to! Very excited and can’t wait to see the line up of classes. Hopefully at least one parent/toddler yoga class as well. or opening the space up for toddler/caregiver play/activites in the mornings during the week.

  • Anonymous

    F’in’ yeah!!!

  • tonyr

    Classes in French – I had no idea that there is a Little Paris neighborhood around there.

    • BK

      How small your world must be if you think only people in Paris speak French.

      • tonyr

        Au contraire mon ami – I’m aware that French is spoken in lots of places other than Paris, but I still contend that Georgia/Park isn’t one of them.

    • Anonymous

      There is a substantial Caribbean population who speak French natively in Park View/Petworth.

    • AC

      There is a substantial Caribbean population who speak French natively in Park View/Petworth.

  • Boricua Princess

    I think this will be a great addition to the neighborhood. I’m sure there will be more restaurants/bars to come in the future, but a diversity in the types of businesses in the area will help make Georgia Avenue more desirable.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I was hoping for an Arby’s, but this is better than an empty storefront. And speaking of Arby’s, whatever happened to the Arby’s that was rumored to be opening up in Columbia Heights? I haven’t heard a thing about it in at least three years, so I assume that idea is long gone.


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