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Salt & Pepper Grill II (Indian and Pakistani Cuisine) Opens at 14th and Shepherd St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2013 at 1:30 pm 23 Comments


Thanks to @jesszdeb for sending word about the former Goody’s Carry Out space at 14th and Shepherd St, NW:

“Heads up: 3925 14th St is now Salt & Pepper Grill II. Opened this weekend.”

The original Salt and Pepper Grill is located at 2632 Georgia Ave, NW in Pleasant Plains. You can see their menu here.

The new 14th Street location offers takeout and delivery and will deliver to a three mile radius – their phone number is 202-723-0404 or 0405. Nice to have a new Indian delivery option!

  • dcspring

    The Georgia Ave location always makes great food. Excited to try the new location!

  • Park

    Their seekh chicken kabab is “wrapped in erotic spices and roasted.” Ooo la la!

  • LT

    Great news! We order delivery from them fairly regularly so nice they’ll have an even shorter trip (amd we get their delicious food even faster!).

  • gotryit

    sweet! I was sad to move a couple of miles away from them – now they’re following me!

  • anon

    They should call it Salt n Pepa Grill and use this for a jingle: What a naan, what a naan, what a naan, what a naan, what a mighty fine naan!

    • mcc

      Ha! I chuckled.

      Their naan (and everything else I’ve tried) is so delicious. Very happy to hear they are expanding. Well deserved!

    • +1!

    • dat

      well done.

    • bmoredc

      Best comment of the day!

  • Anonymous

    It is also a sit-down restaurant? If so, seems like they could benefit from a more appealing street presence to draw more business.

  • Anonymous

    Indian food delivery? YAY!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Best Indian take-out I’ve had in the area. Glad they are moving closer, cause I was borderline with the delivery area for the original.

  • jcm

    Their vindaloo is so spicy, and so good. One of those dishes you can’t stop eating even when your lips and tongue feel as if they are on fire. Yum.

  • L

    Their Aloo Gobi is amazing. Everything is very well spiced and just plain awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I taked to Babu he said the original concept was the Dream Cafe.

  • Anonymous

    Wow – this made my day! There is a dearth of delivery in North Petworth and we’re in radius.

  • monkeydaddy

    Om nom nom

  • Grand Funk

    It is quite good food. Glad to see they’re successful

  • Quincy dude

    This is the best news I’ve seen in PoP in a while..hooray!

    • AE

      Indian food for dinner tonight from Salt and Pepper Grill’s 14th St location – it was mighty tasty!

  • Lrds

    Chicken tikka and saag paneer tonight. So good, so friendly, so happy they opened! Excellent naan too.

  • Tried it last night. Was great!


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