Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

On December 3rd (last week) I saw your notice regarding the Silver Alert for 82-year-old John Jeffers, missing from Columbia Heights. I work downtown by McPherson Square, and vaguely remembered seeing someone who fit that description by my office.

Figuring I should call it in, I dialed the MPD number listed (202-727-9099). The person who answered did not seem to know what I was talking about, asking me repeatedly which police district I was referring to. As I don’t know the geographic districts off the top of my head…I stated again that he was missing from Columbia Heights and I was calling in a possible sighting by McPherson Square. Finally she gave me the number for the Third District police station (she couldn’t transfer me because apparently the main MPD phone system was down).

When I called the Third District Station at 202-673-6815, the call was not answered, so I left a voicemail stating my name and phone number (twice!) and that I was calling in a possible sighting of missing John Jeffers.

A week and a day has passed, and nobody has called me back. I’m writing to ask, is this standard? If it were my loved one missing I would want (and expect) the police to follow up on every lead and take every bit of information seriously, or at least get some specifics before using or dismissing the information. To my knowledge, John Jeffers is still missing.”


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