• Reality


    • Sherman Circle

      Compared to what? Certainly not the neighboring house to the left.

  • Completely Fine

    What’s wrong with it?
    It’s only one story, it uses matching material except for the central section which is being highlighted. The center section is probably the stairhall which is a completely appropriate aspect to highlight. It looks like the new windows will match the existing ones, and the widows are in alignment, At least as far as this one photo indicates, this seems to me to be a completely fine expansion. However, I will be amused to see if the people of Popville work themselves into a lather over how hideous this is.

    • Hahaha you seem to be the only working himself “into a lather”. You like it – good for you. You ask what’s wrong with it yet glance over the central section. I find that curious. What’s wrong with it? The central section is pretty freaking ugly making the whole construction ugly. But that’s just my opinion. And I’m calmer than you dude.

    • Lane

      Yes. Thank you for saying something sensible.

      • Lane

        Oh, I was reacting to “Completely Fine.” But you’re sensible too, dude. I don’t like the formstone either but there’s no accounting for taste. I do think that the V Street Monstrosity has caused everyone here to have a knee-jerk reaction to “pop-ups” that’s often unwarranted.

  • rodstricklandhalfsmokes

    For what it is worth, that is on 3rd and closer to Todd St. NE. It’s actually been “popped up” for the last couple of years or so, but it had been sitting boarded up and vacant. Now it seems someone is doing work on the building again. It’s not too pretty, but the surrounding buildings mostly aren’t either.

  • Eckster

    It has been a disaster to watch this unfold over the past 2 years. Its ugly, but that whole stretch of buildings should be bulldozed and rebuilt.


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