Big Hunt Named One of Best Dive Bars in USA by Maxim

by Prince Of Petworth December 23, 2013 at 12:00 pm 8 Comments

1345 Connecticut Ave, NW

Next up in DC representing in arbitrary “best of” lists – congrats to Big Hunt for being named one of ‘the best 19 dive bars in America’ by Maxim Magazine:

“If you miss the beer-stained floors from your college frat house, welcome home. This Dupont Circle dive lives up to its name with big-game décor and a meat-markety scene of millennials on the prowl. Come on Tuesdays for 15¢ wings and $2.50 PBRs. There’s also a rooftop patio for those who want to jump after tanking at Monday night trivia.”

  • I’ve always enjoyed Big Hunt, mainly due to the great rotating beer list. As far as dive bars go it’s definitely one of the most tolerable.

  • Anonymous

    that is surprising. I feel like there are a lot better dive bars in dc, that offer something other than food and drink…wonderland dancing late night, red derby roof deck and board games…iv never once told my friends i want to go to big hunt.

    • Anonymous

      Dive bars don’t have dancing.

    • anon3

      the two bars you mention are no longer true dives, in my opinion. they were at one point, but have lost that beaut based on the way they have been developed, and the clientele that goes to them. The big hunt, however, remains a true neighborhood dive bar, despite being in a very commercial corridor. no one takes a cab from Arlington to go to a dive bar in dc because dive bars are not destination bars, that’s an important difference, in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest, Big Hunt USED to be a great dive bar when it was still unintentionally crappy. Its “diveness” feels really forced these days. Could be the change in clientele over the last decade as the crowd has gotten younger, more affluent, and a bit hipsterish, a real departure from the old regulars and delivery guys that used to define the place. Anyway, it’s still ok, but nothing about the current Big Hunt says “dive bar” to me anymore.

    • anon3

      good point. I still hangout with the type of guys you are talking about in here, but not on a friday night. if it’s between thursday and saturday night, I consider it very unlikely that any place in DC isn’t going to be a shitshow.. unfortunately.

  • Rebecca

    They bring in good beers but ruin them with dirty tap lines. If they would flush their lines properly between kegs, it might be worth going by there after work for a drink but their uncleanliness makes quality beer taste terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Spotted my first dive bar rat on said patio when I lived here in the early aughts. So if that’s one of the criteria I can definitely vouch.


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