Best Playground in the District – New Horseshoe Pits (and lots more) at Renovated Kennedy Rec Center Playground in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth December 27, 2013 at 3:00 pm 14 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“You might want to check out Shaw’s new playground at the Kennedy Rec Center at the corner of P and 7th St NW. Massively improved and pretty impressive!”

Indeed – it is awesome – and I was super psyched to see the beautifully restored horseshoe pits! And in addition to the new and improved playgrounds they also have a spray park, brand new tennis court and basketball courts and exercise stations. The play ground is located at 7th and P St, NW across from the new Shaw Giant.


Lots more photos after the jump.









  • I was walking by Maury E.S. the other day and noticed they had a brand new playground built as well, it’s pretty darn impressive, although not as colorful as this one.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great! As a child, I remember going to the Kennedy playground – and enjoying the real fire engine and jet plane, and the long, bendy slide. There may have also been a real tank. (it’s been awhile and my memory may be Inflating things a bit. ) It’s a great play space and a great idea for a memorial.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid question: Which bit is the spray pad? I’m imagining something like the one in CH or downtown Silver Spring. Is this different?

    • Anonymous

      I think the concrete area with the big rings and the umbrella-like thing is the water area. It looks like water will comes from the rings and the umbrella poles, perhaps?

  • So…it’s finally open? We’ve been watching the progress and it looks pretty amazing! Thank you for posting! Thank you #PlayDC #DCDPR!!!

  • What am I missing with that airplane 1964 graphic? Looks like a person lifting up a crashed plane, or a plane snatching up a person or maybe a person sliding down a crashed plane while the other one dances? Someone explain?

    • Anonymous

      It was opened in 1964 and had a real airplane to play on. At least that’s what I think based on the pictures (the news article) and [email protected]:09PM’s comment.

    • Anonymous

      You’re missing the facts about the park’s history. You’re welcome.

  • Reality

    Looks great!

  • shawman

    It looks good, but I wish they would have added a second tennis court, perhaps in lieu of some of the extra playground areas. The one there is always full when it’s nice out, and with 1000 new apartments opening up across the street it just won’t meet demand.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! Playgound areas seem overdone. A second or third tennis court would have been great!

      • pru

        Overdone? The kids need all the playground space they can get. And I won’t do the indignity of trying to pit basketball courts versus tennis courts, either. Now, those “beautifully restore horseshoe” things, if they could have been beautifully restored but moved a little to the side, to accommodate another tennis court then sure. I don’t know who in DC is going to show up with horseshoes to use them. Maybe transforming those into bocce/petanque courts would have been a good idea.
        Will check out the playground with the kids when they let me out from work tomorrow.

  • neighbor

    I live near by but have never used the facilities here. Are you allowed to just walk in? do you need to be a member? does anyone know the rules or terms for using the playground, courts, etc?

    • Anyone can use the facilities – it’s a public park :) I used to play tennis here all the time. I’m definitely going to schedule a PoPville horseshoe tournament in the spring/summer!!


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