• Anonymous


    • CD

      Fun how we both wrote the same thing at the same time. : )

    • Miss Lu Lu Hogg

      I agree!

    • wylie coyote

      First thing I thought.


    • Nathan

      ROFL- I so just flashed back to my mother screaming that to me when I was 8.

  • CD

    And this is why we can’t have nice things….

  • Anon

    Maybe someone tried really, really hard to get in while the doors were locked?

  • bb

    Judging by where the holes are, it almost looks like this would have to be removed from the inside – maybe that’s why they failed? I take some solace from the fact that they didn’t succeed. Baby steps…

  • MRD

    Looks like someone thought old (looking) doors would mean an easy break-in.

  • anon

    When scrap metal prices go way up, everything starts to look like “scrap” metal.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. I had my cast iron gate stolen a couple years ago. Like these doorknobs it’s one of those things you wouldn’t think anyone would steal, but it makes sense that someone would. They’re just sitting there and are worth quite a bit.

  • dcdude

    Ugh. People suck.

  • Vered

    OMG, it’s painful to look at. Ugly wound on a beautiful building.

    • Anonymous

      I know, that Giant sign is hideous.

  • Wonder Woman, now 73, lives a quiet life nearby but has a touch of dementia and sometimes gets a late night urge for some Ben and Jerry’s.

  • Anonymous

    I think a push sign could have averted this, just sayin.

  • Wilsononthebeat

    Some real good reporting there

  • rugger

    Must be the same idiots who left a Giant grocery cart a block away near 10th street.

  • Nathan

    Not sure about the handle but this new Giant is AMAZING!! It gets no better than being able to grocery shop with a glass of beer sitting in my cart cup holder. Oh, and I love the Giant sign.


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