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Cove Productive/Work Space Opens in Dupont, Coming to Logan Circle in Mid-Dec.

by Prince Of Petworth December 4, 2013 at 11:30 am 12 Comments

Cove Photo 1
1730 Connecticut Avenue, NW space courtesy of Cove

From a press release:

“Washington, D.C.-based cove has launched its Dupont Circle Productive Space, giving modern professionals, knowledge workers and grad students a compelling alternative to working from a crowded coffee shop or their lonely living room.

For the price of a latte, cove members can be productive with company for the afternoon – and the coffee comes included.

Following the opening of cove-Dupont Circle, the start-up will unveil additional Productive Spaces in neighborhoods across Washington in the coming months, providing a network of locations to work, meet and collaborate. The second site, on D.C.’s thriving 14th Street, is slated to open in mid-December.

Each cove location has all the essential tools for productive work – Wi-Fi, color printing, scanning and conference rooms, along with free beverages – in a clean, comfortable environment that is professional and quiet, yet also social.

Cove Founder Adam Segal says that he created cove with his own work habits in mind.

“I’ve worked from home, an office, and in a bunch of coffee shops – and I was actually never quite good in any of them,” Segal says. “I sought a new kind of space, one that combined all the tools with a friendly feel. A place to be productive, but also to interact, chat and connect, with more flexibility and mobility than being tied to a single desk. The name Productive Space sums it up: a place with the right combination of tools, people and atmosphere for being productive in the neighborhood.”

Cove is free for first-time visitors; after that, members sign up for a monthly membership plan based on their needs. Member plans range from $24 a month for eight desk hours and one conference room hour – or the price of five lattes – to $124 a month for 50 desk hours with four conference room hours.

Through the cove Web site and mobile Web app, members can check availability in advance and even reserve space ahead of time for an individual desk, group desk or conference room – or just drop in as they wish.”

The Logan Circle space will be located at 1624 14th Street NW above Barcelona Wine Bar:


  • Anonymous

    Kinda cool, but I really really wish coffee shops in this city stayed open past 8pm (especially around 14th and U). Yes, there is Tryst and Busboys, but I haven’t found those to be too conducive to getting my studies on.

    • mac

      Coupe on 11th

    • Anon

      If you’re willing to venture to East Dupont, I’ve found Soho Coffee Shop on P and 22nd to be a great space to get work done (and their lattes rock, too). They’re open pretty late, at least midnight on weekdays and even later on fri and sat.

  • dcreal

    Oh how I love Barcelona. One of my best restaurants in the city.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a good idea, but it’s hard to imagine they’ll make any money on it.

    • That Man A


      and what about libraries…. sounds like a “cool” vrsion of those that serves tea n such

  • Anonymous

    I work from home and this sounds like a great way for students and telecommuters to mix it up.

  • I tried out the Dupont space – it’s exactly as described. Basically, a quiet spot to do your work. The first visit is free. You do everything by iPhone. You select a time/space and then get a barcode which you scan when you enter and exit. They have tea, coffee, water, etc… It was actually a little too quiet for me! I like some background noise or music.

    I’m excited about the Barcelona location. I bet that space gets a lot of great light.

  • redraiderdc

    Maybe it’s a generational thing but when I’m working I don’t want to mix it up, chat, or connect with anyone. I want to work so my living room is just fine. Also, what the hell is a “knowledge worker” and is it possible to turn down those lights? So bright!

  • paris

    I think this is a nice idea. Another option is the public library. The Digital Commons at MLK (http://www.dclibrary.org/digitalcommons) has individual and collaborative workspaces, meeting rooms, videoconferencing and skype, printers (even a 3D printer), and best of all librarians to help you with your info needs. Bring your own coffee, as long as it has a lid :-)

    • Redraiderdc

      See, that I can get behind. I just don’t get paying to work somewhere when there are free options.

  • This seems like yet another way to create class divides in this absurdly gentrifying area. Go to the library.


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