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Apartments Above New Petworth Safeway to be called The Swift – Opening in Summer 2014

by Prince Of Petworth December 12, 2013 at 10:30 am 49 Comments

photo 1
Georgia and Randolph St, NW

New signs went up yesterday announcing the name of the apartment building going up over the new Petworth Safeway – The Swift:

“Get with it. It’s brand new apartments right above the new Swift Safeway and just a block from the Metro in Petworth, Washington, DC. It’s the city at your feet. With panoramic views of the Washington Monument and National Cathedral—and easy access to all of DC. It’s jam-packed with amenities, from the downstairs Safeway and concierge services to a fitness center and a rooftop terrace. It’s designed to give your way of life a boost, styled with modern finishes and fully equipped with sleek appliances. It’s more than just a floor plan. It’s yours to make your own—just pick your apartment size from studios, one, and two bedrooms.”

Ed. Note the website says coming Spring 2014, but the sign out front says Summer 2014.

So I guess they hope the new nickname for the Safeway will be the Swift Safeway? I guess it’s better than Stinky Safeway

photo 2

photo 4
Looking north on Georgia

photo 3

Previously, the Stinky Safeway:

3830 Georgia Ave, NW

  • MRD

    “Swift Safeway” seems so…uninspired.

    Unless it’s actually easy to get in and out. The CoHi Giant is becoming a drag on life. People don’t believe you when you turn down invitations for brunch because you have to go grocery shopping.

  • Anon

    Anyone know what the prices will be? I’ll guess with studios starting around $2000.

    • Anonymous

      I think maybe a little lower. The 500-600 sq ft studios at the new 14W apartment building above Kapnos are going for $2200. For first offering tenants, I can see them being $1800 for a studio here. I think that’s a BONKERS price for a studio in Petworth, but they will probably find enough people (or their parents) to pay that.

      • Anon

        I’ve got a 2BR basement apartment in columbia heights for less than $2000, utilities, tv and internet included. The prices at all of these new developments are absurd.

  • Anonymous

    Do we know when exactly in “early 2014” the Safeway will be open?

    • dat

      Where did you see early 2014?

  • Anonymous

    does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the Safeway nicknames?

  • Anonymous

    The PEOPLE will decide the name of this Safeway. Not the developers.
    For shame!

    • Noah

      Alright Bain

  • The Swift sounds like something you would catch at the ole Stinky Safeway.

  • Anonymous

    Swift Safeway? They are just setting themselves up for years of ironic comments with this name.

  • Anon

    Are people really offended by the name of a development? “The PEOPLE should name”? Give me a break. I for one am just glad to see some development! When you pay for it, you can name it. It’s the developers right to pick a name of his or her choosing.

    • The People’s OP

      Lighten up, Francis. It was a joke.

      • kyle-w


  • Anonymous

    I’m fine with the Swift Safeway provided the checkout lines are short. Seems like they may be setting themselves up though – If it’s anything like the CH Giant, this may become the Slow Safeway. Doesn’t seem like it will take too much longer to find out though – my guess is June. Also, sad to see the picture on the website of Fusion and Moroni. So many great things happening in Petworth – it’s sad to see this stretch lose out.

  • bb

    If they put a Taylor Gourmet in the ground floor retail, then the development could be called Taylor Swift.

    • MiddleOfNowhere

      +1. LOL

  • dcreal

    I thought wood construction was only allowed for four story buildings? But looking at this maybe it’s five?

    • Anonymous

      I believe wood construction is permitted for five story buildings.

    • Colhi

      “The Swiftly Built for Maximum Unsafety”

    • Anon

      Typical wood construction can only go up four floors, but particular kinds of specially fire-rated wood construction can go higher. You’ll see more and more of this kind of five story wood on top of a concrete podium in DC and the region.

    • PCC

      Five floors if the walls are “fire resistive,” plus the ground floor doesn’t count if it’s fireproof, so six stories in total. Some places let you go to 5.5+1, and in Europe there are 10-story wood buildings.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what we call it; I’m beyond thrilled to have this in our neighborhood!! So far, the building looks great. Hopefully the condos are great and priced right. The Safeway will be a quality-of-life changer for a lot of us nearby.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I need to drive by my old hood as I used to live right there on 9th street. It already looks so much better! Didn’t realize they tore down the apartments on the corner.

    • David

      No apartments were torn down for this consruction project.

      • JM

        Indeed not, as I’m happily sitting in one right now. :)

  • kyle-w

    I wish they could have done something similar for the Walmart at Missouri. Would have liked a couple of floors of apartments on top of that one too. Oh well.

    Quite excited about this project. It looks great! DC Reynolds is going to be stuffed to the gills if these places keep filling up! Glad to see with the increased density we are slowly but surely getting more options in the neighborhood! Excited to see this one open this coming summer!

    • Dobs

      Re walmart: Yeah that would have been great; the previous developer for that site was going to do retail with apartments above but the local nimbys shot that down.

      Anyway, I hope the safeway at piney branch does this. Without the lame moniker…

      • Drove by the Walmart on Georgia yesterday – haven’t been paying much attention – but all I could think was what a phenomenal waste of space! An entire block in fairly dense close- in city property with only a one-story retail slab. Sad and horribly short-sighted.

  • Sherman Circus

    Paying six bucks for milk at Yes market sure won’t be the same.

    • Anonymous

      I went to the Yes! on 14th/W Street a few days ago and they wanted $8 for a normal sized bundle of fresh asparagus. I nearly pooped my pants.
      I bought the $2.49 carton of fresh green beans instead.

  • Anonymous

    Jacking the swagger of Jonathan Swift will not go unnoticed: SHAME!

    • Anonymous

      That’s a rather modest proposal you got there champ.

    • What are you talking about? Can’t keep all you Anonymous’s straight, and can’t find the thread to which you refer. Surely not just the name of “Swift” ??

  • katpost

    It would be awesome if neighborhood residents could get a membership to use the fitness center too… but I doubt that will likely happen. I guess that is one of the downsides of owning a house versus renting an apartment?

  • Anonymous

    Boring… uninspired building design…..
    But yay it has a Safeway!

  • Fz

    I thought this was going to be The Sweet Safeway. At least they didn’t call it the Swag Safeway.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone seen the Seinfeld episode where George tries to give himself a nickname? Yeah, doesn’t work.

  • Anonymous

    That description could not have sounded more douchey.

  • damichix

    All i know is that this safeway will be good for my wallet, Yes is breaking my wallet but i keep going there bc of convenience. Now if the check outs at safeway end up being like the Giant at Col Heights then i will continue to break my wallet at Yes.

  • Randolph ST

    I’m glad they decided to go with pictures of restaurants/bars that aren’t in our neighborhood. DC Reynolds, Looking Glass, Chez Billy (which is right across the street), Petworth Citizen, and Mothership are all more “neighborhood” spots than The Coupe, Fusion or Wonderland. Good job knowing where you’re building!

    • Randolph ST

      Oh…and Park View Patio (AKA “The Wooden Banana”)

  • Reality

    big improvement!

  • Sherman rotary

    Hope the Yes! does not go out of business. They have been so much better than the CH Giant when it comes to customer service and fresh produce.


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