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Say Your Goodbyes to the Stinky Safeway – Petworth’s New Safeway Groundbreaking is on Sept. 19th

by Prince Of Petworth August 17, 2012 at 12:30 pm 36 Comments

3830 Georgia Ave, NW

In late July we heard Petworth’s “Stinky Safeway” would likely be closing in September. Yesterday we got confirmation that the official groundbreaking for the project will be on Wed. Sept. 19th!

Photographers get your photos of the store before the property is completely razed. Upload your best ones to the PoPville flickr pool before Sept. 19th and I’ll post the best ones.

It’s finally happening!

Petworth Safeway from Interface Multimedia on Vimeo.

  • It won’t be missed.

    • Heh…well, I have some memories of that place…ok, you’re right…

  • parkviewj

    Handel’s Messiah playing in the background….

    I can’t wait for this brand new grocery store!

  • dat

    fantastic news!

  • bs

    the soundtrack to the CGI video was the awesomest. that being said, while I do bid good riddance to the stinky safeway…i dont like that the building looks so…Arlington.

    • wobber

      Did you say Arlington!!!!

      But the new Safeway is going to have a Sta-bucks, a Sta-bucks, a Sta-bucks, a Sta-bucks…

    • APA

      That new building looks /less/ Arlington to you? Sigh.

    • APA

      Ahhh misread your comment. No, I agree.

    • AP

      I agree. I’m really happy that a new Safeway is being built and I’m sure it will be a great addition to the neighborhood. But that design looks like it’s straight from the late 90’s. There’s nothing that draws your eye to the building, no architectural features that stand out, nothing to break up the facade, completely barren roof. Ugh…

      • OliverMihoff

        Meh, it’s just a supermarket… We’ve put up with the decrepit store for 50 years, at least the new one will be clean for a few years from when it’s finally built in 2015.

  • APA

    The building is in terrible shape, and they’ll certainly get more use out of the space, but it’ll be sad to see such a great mid-century mod building replaced by such terrrrrible design. When are we going to stop filling up Petworth with awful architecture?

    • agreed. I wish they could have incorporated some kind of arched/mod facade into the new design. The safeway sucked but I always thought it was kind of a cool futuristic building given the time it was built.

      • Anonymous

        Really? I think it’s horrendous. Looks like something from a nightmare era in American architecture.

        • vic


      • Mark Lynn

        I have such a soft spot for this building! If you ignore the stink factor, it has a distinct design that I suspect was signature to Safeway stores from this era. In fact, there’s another arch shaped Safeway on Market Street in San Francisco. I wish that they were able to incorporate the existing building into the new one. Since it’s set so far back from the road, I know that wouldn’t have been practical. At the very least, an arch-shaped design nod would have been nice. And heaven knows the new building could use something to spice it up. Yawn.

  • Sam

    That video… wow. Love the soundtrack. Will be glad when this comes in so I have more lunch options at work (pretty tired of Thai, Subway and Jamaican at this point…)

  • Lisa

    Perfect timing for me as I’ll be moving to the neighborhood soon!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve never been to a safeway in DC that wasn’t stinky

    • Been to the Social Safeway on Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown? That one’s hella swanky. It rivals most Whole Foods!

  • Finally! Excited to see building upgrades happening in the community!

  • ctk

    I was wondering when Vangelis was going to release some new material.

    Seriously, this makes me very happy.

  • I’m all jacked up after hearing that music!!

    Seriously, while I agree that it is hardly an architecturally distinctive building, it blends in with other adjacent spaces, and this is an incredibly huge upgrade and a great use of previously badly underutilized space extremely close to a metro stop (and a stop which I expect will have greatly expanded use going forward, especially once this project is complete). When is the ETA for completion, if there is one? This is the last piece of the puzzle for middle georgia avenue. Now if only the streetscape project for lower georgia avenue could get going, that would attract a similar influx of new retail and development.

  • What will the new name be? Super Safeway?

  • Anonymous

    This just made my weekend! I’ve been saving for the last 2 years the whole area is becoming such a nice place to live, but that Safeway that smells like rotten feet needs to go. Gone! Life is grand!

  • tlg

    that place was STANKY! ew. anyone know when the finished product will be unveiled?

  • Aaron

    Did anyone ever figure out what caused the stench of that place? Seriously, why could that never be fixed?

    • Anonymous

      What did it smell like?

      • tinywings

        Like human feces. Which is why “Stinky Safeway” is much too generous. I know it among my friends as “Doo-doo Safeway”.

      • Aaron

        Dirty diapers

  • ke

    Chez Billy’s (directly across the street) should hold a Sayonara Stinky Safeway Demolition Party on September 19. Hooray for more community improvement!

  • David ANC

    Expected build time has been estimated at 1.5 years. Rodent eradication has already started.

  • lk

    Oh wow! I can smell my property taxes increasing.

  • Safeway has way better deals than Giant. Wish there was a nice one in my ‘hood.

  • mrsK

    Dang! That looks fantastic. I say we dub our new Safeway, “Shiny Safeway” once it’s come to the ‘hood. Can’t wait for it to be finished.

  • damichix

    can’t wait t be able to shop there. I buy a lot of stuff at Yes! but they not always have everything. Wondering if in the process of razing the old Safeway they could also raze the hideous Wendy’s across the street as a matter of public service :)

  • Super duper excited about this. Just when I was thinking about moving… I will miss Matt…Hello Starbucks…


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