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Another Shooting on the 1200 Block of North Capitol St, NW – Sat. Night just before 10:30pm

by Prince Of Petworth December 15, 2013 at 8:43 am 15 Comments


From @DCPoliceDept Saturday night:

“1D- Shooting, 2223 hrs, 1200 North Capitol St NW. Adult male shot in the arm and leg, conscious and breathing. (2) Suspects stopped.”

Update from MPD:

“Last night at approximately 10:20 PM, First District Officers were in the unit block of L St NW when they heard the sound of gunshots. Officers converged on the area and found a victim in the unit block of M St NW suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and requested DCFEMS; other officers observed a vehicle fleeing the scene at a high-rate of speed and pursued the vehicle. The pursuit continued through the Northwest One area, eventually terminating back in Sursum Corda, where two suspects bailed out and fled on foot. Those suspects were subsequently apprehended after a foot chase.

The victim was transported to an area hospital, where he was admitted with non-life threatening injuries. The suspects from the fleeing vehicle were arrested for Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle and the First District Detectives are continuing their investigation of both the shooting and the suspects from the vehicle.

This offense is under investigation by the First District Detectives Office, who can be reached on (202) 299-2025. Anyone with information can also call the police at (202) 727-9099. Anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging to 50411. Additionally, please call 911 if you observe suspicious persons or activities”

Early Friday night there was also a shooting at North Capitol and New York Ave, NW. In that case MPD has since reported:

“a shooting occurred within that block yesterday evening. The suspect involved in the shooting was subsequently and quickly captured. The case is closed.”

  • Anonymous

    Rival crews? Time to blow up that intersection.

  • Reality

    1. Bulldoze Ben’s Liquors, 2. Bulldoze the housing complexes. I’m sure this intersection has some of the most gun-related crime in the city.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you bulldoze Ben’s Liquor? It’s a gorgeous building – let it stand! (Tyler House can go though, which it will in due time.)

      • CT

        Save the gorgeous building! Bulldoze the homes of hundreds of families! I’m fascinated by the priorities. Merry Christmas!

        • Anonymous

          Find temporary housing for displaced families. Redevelop the land into new mixed-income developments. Move folks into brand new units. Merry Christmas!

          • CT

            Great plan! And that would truly be a Happy New Year – from my perspective.

          • wylie coyote

            Except the vast majority of people never get to move back in, just a handful. That’s why public housing residents immediately suspect they’ll (for the most part) get pushed out in any mixed income re-development. It takes like two years to finish and in the meantime, they find a new place to live or otherwise get locked into a lease somewhere else. Then there are probably hurdles to even get back in (family member got convicted of a non violent drug felony in the meantime? too bad! there goes your place in line!)

            Maybe we should put public housing residents up in some of those un-purchased luxury condo units that used TIF financing until their swanky new mixed income units are ready? Ha…

    • Anonymous

      It’s not (compleatly) liquor that’s to blame, it’s the tottaly disfunctional culture of poverty in America. At this point poor people in the US are their own worst oppressors. They need to ditch the us vs them, milk the system attatude and join the middle class.

      • CT

        Please elaborate on this! You’re implying that each and every person with a lower than “middle class” income in this country is not only part of some apparently monolithic “disfunctional culture of poverty” but are also “their own worst oppressors”. Do you have references for this? Additional supporting arguments? Is this based on your own personal and familial experiences as a poor person? Do you have some specific suggestions and remedies that might help a struggling poor person “join the middle class”? Did you,perhaps, notice twinges of “the us vs them” outlook in your own post? I’d enjoy the opportunity to learn from the data that has led you to your conclusions.

      • wylie coyote

        If only the poor could spell as well as you! That would “compleatly” solve the problem of their “disfunctional” “attatude”. Sigh.

  • Eric

    Look. Lets not blame EVERY PERSON that lives in that complex. 99.99% of the people who live at that complex are working people who are law-abiding and simply can’t afford a 600,000 home in DC. They need to focus on the small amount of problem folks at the complex that cause the problems. Not only is Big Ben at a confluence of 2-3 low income housing areas (tyler, sursum corda and 1 other can’t remember), but just north of Big Ben is alot of social services for homeless, addicts, etc.

    • Anonymous

      at this rate w/ the quick closures, that .01% should all be behind bars by the end of the year. If we’re lucky, the last one to go to jail somehow takes out Big Ben along the way.

    • Anonymous

      Working people who are out getting drunk at Ibiza until 3 in the morning on Monday, when gangland fun takes over.

  • Anonymous

    What about the shooting near 14th and U last night??


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