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Agua 301 Opens this Saturday in Navy Yard – A Peek Inside and at the Menu

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2013 at 10:30 am 23 Comments

301 Water Street, SE

Last month it was Osteria Morini and on Saturday Agua 301 is opening next door in the Lumber Shed building in Yards Park. From a press release:

“A modern Mexican menu with less than traditional touches will be created by Chef Antonio Burrell when Agua 301 opens December 21 in Yards Park in the Capitol Riverfront. Taking its name from its 301 Water Street SE location the 4,000 square-foot, 106-seat waterfront restaurant is housed in the historic Lumber Shed Building in the burgeoning Navy Yard/Nats Park neighborhood.

Burrell’s menu includes Bocaditos or “little bites” that he says are perfect with drinks. Among those will be Empanadas de Venturas del Mercado made from seasonal vegetables and Beef Barbacoa Flautas with shredded braised beef and caramelized onions which he says are his Mexican version of a Philly cheese steak along with three versions of guacamole.

Entrees include a pan seared black bass with butternut squash, bacon, sweet potato hash and cumin scented orange agave butter, a roasted Mexican spiced adobo chicken and a braised short rib chichilo with creamy nixtal and winter vegetables accented with a lime crema.

Tacos will be a specialty with the pork belly al pastor to be among the highlights. This crispy friend pork belly creation will incorporate pineapple habanero salsa and al pastor aioli. Another highlight will be the carne asada con kimchi tacos with grilled marinated skirt steak, housemade kimchi, cojita and citrus.


A 44-seat patio will open when the weather warms. Owners Amanda and Stephen Briggs see this as becoming a popular spot at which to enjoy a variety of margaritas while enjoying a pre-Nats game cocktail or an afternoon sojourn with a river view.

Designed by GrizForm Design Architects the restaurant’s interior was inspired by Mexican design, landscape and historic ancient ruins. Its color palette is based on neutrals of sand, taupe and rich brown along with natural wood tones reminiscent of Mexico’s terrain. Custom-routed wall panels were inspired by the ancient city of Teotihuacan and wood trellis accents mimic the steep steps of the Mayan Pyramids.

NOTE: Agua 301 will open for dinner service on December 21; lunch service will begin on December 28. Brunch will begin on New Year’s Day and continue as a Saturday/Sunday brunch thereafter.

Hours of Operation

Lunch: Monday-Friday 11 am -3 pm
Dinner: Sunday- Thursday 3:30-10 pm, Friday – Saturday. 3:30-11 pm
Lunch/Brunch: Saturday-Sunday 10:30-3 pm
Happy Hour: 3:30-7 pm 7 days a week”


Here’s a look at the dinner menu – and a look inside:

Agua 301 interior night
PHOTO CREDIT: Jeff Aitken courtesy Agua 301

  • gotryit

    Like most of these new places at the Navy Yard area, it looks nice, but pricey. This might be good for a date with my wife, but not just going out with the guys.
    How is there not more of a market for places with lunch <$10 and dinner <$15 (other than 5 guys / potbelly)? Or am I just getting priced out of the neighborhood?

    • monkeyrotica

      Well, there’s Nando’s and the Thai place. You’re also getting a Sweetgreen and a TaKorean next year, along with a Whole Foods.

      Where do you get a sitdown lunch for less than $10? I have a hard time finding a food truck that serves something edible for less than $10.

      • gotryit

        There’s a burrito place over on 8th st a block or two north of M that does a very large burrito for about $10. I think sandwiches / burgers are generally less than $10.
        Hopefully TaKorean will have a decent meal combo for under $10. A lot of the food trucks have something decent for $8-$10, although those aren’t sitdown. I go to those once or twice a month.

      • gotryit

        Also, that Thai place is pretty good, and I feel like the lunch special price was reasonable – I am happy to go there a few times a year too.

    • Anon

      We’ve got a Ruby Tuesday’s and will soon have a T.G.I.Friday’s in Columbia Heights. Everyone likes to slam them but they let people eat out on a budget.

    • Jeff Aitken

      gotryit – maybe you should wait to see the prices before making the assumption that you can’t “go try it” for lunch with the boys! Their other restaurant, Zest (on 8th Street) is priced right!

  • kken

    I didn’t think the menu was a bank buster like Osteria Morini… it’s not cheap but it’s not crazy expensive either.

    You’re also talking about a brand new neighborhood with brand new construction. It’s going to be the higher end establishment that can afford that rent initially. I would love to see some lower priced options in the neighborhood as well but it’s not going to happen overnight, if at all really so I’ll take what I can get for now. And Barracks Row is not that far as a resident of Navy Yard.

  • ledroittiger

    What’s the take on these places? I fear that, like the few that have already opened, most are fairly well designed, but dumbed down for the unsophisticated palettes of the typical Nats fan, ie: Park Tavern and Gordon Biersch.

    • That Man A

      Good point… because Park Tavern was the WORST the one time i went

    • Anonymous

      More likely they’ve been dumbed down for the unsophisticated palettes of the typical Navy Yard resident, because the Nats only play 81 home games in the regular season.

    • Anonymous

      Stereotyping is fun and makes you look intelligent and sophisticated.

      • ledroittiger

        Posting anonymously is fun and makes you look brave and willing to stand up for your opinions.

        • Stavros

          Oh, please. Does “ledroittiger” make you any less anonymous? What’s your real name?

          • Anonymous

            Are you kidding me? Everybody knows who ledroittiger is. Look it up on Wikipedia, and the entry will tell you that ledroittiger is a troll who is best known for posting inflammatory, useless comments on the PoPville blog.

          • textdoc

            People who post under a consistent username are still basically anonymous, but at least it helps readers to keep track of who’s saying what.

      • Anonymous

        Most importantly, it’s a real time-saver.

    • kken

      I would say neither Blue Jacket nor Osteria Morini are dumbed down by any means. They’re just expensive. Morini is really expensive. But Blue Jacket does have a great brewery and the food was really good at Morini. I would agree that Nando is a dumbed down version of all the other Salvadorean chicken places we have in this town.

      • Anonymous

        The food at Blue Jacket is definitely not dumbed down, though the execution is certainly questionable.

      • AG

        Nando’s isn’t trying to be like the Salvadorean chicken places…by which I take it you mean Peruvian, but it’s okay, they’re all the same, right? They’re a South African chain that’s expanded to the US.

        • Anonymous

          They are a South African chain. But they are actually making Portguese-style chicken, which is quite popular in South Africa.

      • MsSunshine

        Nando’s is South African. And the chicken you are assuming is Salvadoran is actually Peruvian.

    • Anonymous

      They were dumbed down for your unsophisticated “palette.”

    • Anonymous

      i think they exist to make you feel better.


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