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  • Anonymous

    30 second commercial for a 4 second clip? Worth it.

    • Yeah I agree – didn’t know about that commercial. Sorry about that.

  • Anonymous

    Is he ok?

    • NBC says: “The spokesman said the victim’s injuries were serious and he was in and out of consciousness when he was taken to the hospital.”

      • Anonymous

        Yikes. Doesn’t sound good. I’m sure a lot of people are amused by this incident but serious injuries are no laughing matter.

        • Also anonymous

          Sure they are.

        • Anonymous

          it sounds terrifying. how many of us have leaned against those walls when tired? i have.

  • That Man A

    I missed it but they did a segment on people being too drunk to ride the metro after the cowboys gamer last night. they kept showing this clip (looked like the guy could have seriously hurt himself; also he may crawl out of that corner with a new limb or something… who knows what festers in the bowels of metro) and ontother of a drunk woman falling off of a platform

    while i do think you can be too drunk to ride idk how they would go about enforcing it

    • Anonymous

      The station managers would actually have to leave their kiosks and get off the phone for that to happen.

    • domrep

      FOX 5 had something on this last night, another incident happened at Eastern Market, and there was another incident where a guy fell off the escalators and landed on the other side of the wall.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s funny they suggest taking a cab if you’re too drunk to ride the metro.

  • Anonymous

    I wiped out on my bike at Sherman Circle at 3am Saturday morning. Someone must have been spiking the drinks by the keg! Seconds later a cop came by and slowed down to check me out, by then I was walking the bike with ripped pants and bleeding leg.

    • That Man A

      Lucky you

      they actually do give out DUI’s for dunk cyclist

      • Anonymous

        do they i’ve never heard of it in dc. it’s different than a public intoxication fine?

        • Anonymous

          there is no law in dc against public intoxication. however, riding a bicycle drunk is a vehicular DWI i.e. no different than driving a car.

        • That Man a

          From my understanding it reads just like any outher DUI would
          there was a fairly large case in 07 about it

  • Kam

    I think this guy fell 7 feet or so but 3 more feet over he would have dropped like 30 feet. It really is sad. Some people like to be targets for whatever comes their way (trains, rats, robbers, thugs, cops, cement…)

  • anon

    Got his 2013 Darwin Award entry submitted just under the wire.

  • StephC

    Does it look to anyone else like he is sitting on the wall and not leaning against it? It’d be much easier to fall that way.


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