Washington, DC


I spotted some of the warning violations last weekend, real ticketing starts Dec. 1st. From DC Streetcar:

“District law prohibits parking, stopping or standing a vehicle on or within a streetcar guide-way or adjacent to a streetcar platform. A vehicle in violation of this law shall be subject to fine and removal or impounding. The streetcar guide-way is defined as the area where streetcars operate, including the concrete track slab the tracks rest on.

Streetcar vehicles will be on the H Street/Benning Road Corridor soon to test and train for passenger service. Cars parked outside of the lines, including illegally double-parked vehicles, will impede the streetcar, delay service along the line, and result in a ticket and/or tow for your vehicle.

Real ticketing will start in December.

Be safe and smart when parking, and remember: STAY WITHIN THE LINES.

For more information call 855-413-2954.”



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