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Maple Expanding into the former Columbia Heights Coffee Space

by Prince Of Petworth November 13, 2013 at 10:30 am 16 Comments

3416 11th Street, NW

Last month we learned the trailblazing Columbia Heights Coffee had closed on 11th Street. At that time some commenters had heard that next door neighbor Maple would be taking over the space. Turns out it is true. While my feelings about Columbia Heights Coffee have not changed, I am happy to hear that Maple is taking over the space. Maple is delicious and I’m glad I will have a better chance of getting a table. The news is still a bit bittersweet but at the end of the day – this is good news. You can see Maple’s menu here. Looking forward to seeing how the buildout turns out.

  • lovefifteen

    This is great news. Maple is a good restaurant with delicious food. :-)

  • special_k

    Agreed. Love Maple.

  • JB

    The best outcome of a bad situation. I will miss Columbia Heights Coffee dearly, but Maple really is an excellent restaurant, and I’m excited to see them expanding.

  • johno

    bummer. maple is overpriced for what it is.

    • saf

      That was my experience.

      And I miss my coffee.

  • dc_mike

    This is awesome! Now, can KBC expand into the vacant building between the new Maple and their existing space, please?

  • Anonymous

    This is exciting. Columbia Heights Coffee had gnats flying around and sticky floors every time I was in there. It will not be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Maple is excellent and in my mind a little under rated on the food scene. I am glad they will be able to expand. This section of 11th St is going to only continue to expand and get better and better. I am still waiting for an ice cream shoppe, but all in due time. Congrats Maple.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I went to Maple for the first time this week and absolutely loved it (eating my leftovers for lunch today). Great addition to the neighborhood and congrats on their success!

  • Anonymous

    Maple is one of the best and most underrated restaurants. We are so lucky to have them on 11 th street Hopefully they will be be the benchmark for other fine dining options on 11th street. There are plenty of great places on 11th, there are also lots of options on 14th for cheap food. It is so nice to have a place in the hood that is very nice, perfect for date night and lovely to sit at a quiet bar and have some great food and wine. I think we could use a few more as well as some of the lower cost options. Lets keep the chain places off 11th!

    • JackDC

      Very well put!

  • Anonymous

    Any news coming out of CH that doesn’t involve a chain store and/or restaurant is good news!

    • Agnes

      +1,0000000 – and yes, i do miss CH cafe but hush please, let us keep Maple a relative secret

  • This looks like prime material for gentrification coverage by the Post’s Milennial Falcons.


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