• Fonzy

    There’s a homeless lady that makes a shelter with the park benches on a few steps away from this sculpture… I guess MPD asked if she saw anything? I’d imagine you’d have to make a bit of noise to pry that chess board loose.

  • Anonymous

    People are savages. I guess they wanted to sell the copper for scrap? I bet they get only $20 for it, too. Dicks.

  • Anonymous

    I’d ask Bobby Fisher first… just have to find him.

  • JPK

    Check and mate

  • wylie coyote

    This is right next to the Canadian embassy. Surely it was caught on camera and a suspect will be caught soon?

    • csp

      And the federal courthouse.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    While this is a terrible defacement and shameful, does anyone else think that this would make an awesome caption contest? Or is it too soon?

    • Lisa

      I’m glad somebody else said it. Yes, awesome.

      • Anonymous

        “If you’re going to cheat like that, I’m taking my board and going home.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing the worthless vandals didn’t play a lot of chess growing up.

  • Anonymous

    Some punks just making trouble. (Blame the parents of those punks) BTW, Bobby Fischer died in January 2008.


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