Washington, DC

kilbourne sign changed.Nov 2013
Kilbourne Place

“Dear PoPville,

DDOT not only removed the bogus arrowhead from that no-parking sign, they installed a sign below it indicating that parking to the right of the sign is explicitly legal. This has been going on, it is said, for a year. A bit of publicity via PoP did the job, and nearby residents are pleased to have that legal parking space back.

It should be noted (for those commenters who were sure that the tickets were written because of a modest intrusion into that no-parking zone) that the ticket code for parking within 25 feet of a stop sign is P050, but the tickets written for parking at this spot have designated P269, a vague “No Standing Anytime” code that does not correspond to any pertinent DC Municipal Regulation. That is, even the ticket writers couldn’t tell what the actual violation of law was.

Now, can the people who paid $50 fines for parking here get their money back?”


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