Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

I live near 18th Street and Monroe in Mt. Pleasant. In September, someone broke into our English basement apartment through a large window facing the street, which unfortunately we’d accidentally left unlocked. Since then, I’ve noticed that our screen has been moved around, though there has been work done on our house recently so I assumed it was moved by workers. This morning, however, I noticed that someone had opened our window again, but luckily he/she was stopped by a wood block we keep in the window sill. If neighbors have windows without bars that might be easy for people to get into, they should be especially vigilante about making sure their windows are locked. And stay on the lookout- our window is easily visible from the street and these incidents have been happening in broad daylight. I notified the police department, who promised to send extra patrols to the area beginning immediately.”


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