Owners of Ripple in Cleveland Park Opening New Restaurant in former Reef Space in Adams Morgan?

by Prince Of Petworth October 16, 2013 at 11:30 am 16 Comments


I hear the owners of Ripple are opening up a new spot in Adams Morgan. Ripple is located at 3417 Connecticut Ave, NW. Ripple is delicious. This is very good news for Adams Morgan. The Reef closed for good back in late August.

While the owners of Ripple haven’t confirmed the exact location, I am told that it will be a new concept, different from Ripple. More info on plans for the new space as they become available.

Update from Ripple:

“The team behind ripple – including Executive Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley – is planning to open another restaurant in the next 6 months and is currently looking at several locations.

“There are no finalized plans yet, we will have an announcement when we can be more specific.” Roger Marmet

  • I attended the ANC meeting last Wednesday with regard to the moratorium. I went into the meeting not expecting very much but left with exuberance. The place was standing room only and both sides made their cases well-known. I’m interested to see what the council decides to suggest re: moratorium (my understanding is that they are leaning toward letting it expire) and then whether new (read young, hip, exciting) restaurants/taverns will begin springing up in Adams Morgan.

    The neighborhood is BEAUTIFUL. It gets a horrible rap for the way some “bar owners” market themselves and patrons treat it for 6 hours an evening on the weekends. There is absolutely potential.

    I’m hoping this is a start.

    • Dno

      I think the neighborhood has already turned the corner with some of the new places (like Smoke & Barrel) being among the best places in the city to have dinner and drinks without worrying about making a reservation or dropping a ton of cash. But yeah, ending the moratorium will hasten the turnover of those bars that cater primarily to the weekend crowd.

  • Anonymous

    So if it’s anything like Ripple, they’ll serve tiny portions of good but not great food, for way, way too much money. To their credit, they do have a great beverage program. Hopefully they don’t mess with the roof.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s better than serving huge portions of disgusting beer for way, way too little money.

      • Anonymous

        Um, no.

      • Annonny

        Hear, hear! Anything serving decent food would be better than what the Reef had become.

      • Reef Regular

        Um, what? That roof was awesome – best views in DC. And beers were cheap, with amazing happy hour specials. Food was mediocre, but whatever; it was a gathering place for many humble locals. I even had my birthday on the roof back in 2012 – I held court all day on a Sunday afternoon as friends stopped by for laughs and drinks. I think my tab was $40 at the end of 7 hours for a ridiculous amount of drinks.
        My guess is that I won’t be able to get a drink on that roof now for less than $9 or $10. Eff a “drinks program”.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly. That roof was great during the week, very welcoming to neighborhood patrons. Who cares what it was like on the weekends.

    • Anonymous


  • admo res

    Couldn’t agree more w/reef regular. I had many summer birthday parties on the roof. it was a great laid back environment for people to hang, drinks were cheap and music was always good. the bartending staff became more like friends and always made you feel at home. hopefully the new restaurant will (at least) hold on to the laid back concept on the roof — keeping it a place for neighborhood residents to hang during the week.

  • Anon

    I confirmed with the owner yesterday of the building where the Reef is located that RIpple will be opening in the former Reef space.

  • Citygirl

    AdMo would welcome a restaurant from the Ripple owners with open arms. It’s seen a surge in good restaurants like Mintwood, Sakuramen, Smoke and Barrel… can’t wait for this one!

  • saf

    “All my life’s a circle…”

    Reading this while thinking about Columbia Heights, in light of the Columbia Heights Coffee posts, is funny.
    1986-1988, I lived in Adams Morgan. (88-90, in Mt Pleasant). And we had a few restaurants, and a few bars, but generally not as much as people who had been there a long time remembered. (I waited tables and tended bar at a few of those places.) And then there was a population shift and restaurants expanded. And then bars. And there were SO many good places to eat.
    Bars have absolutely become dominant though.
    Now it seems we are on an upswing of restaurants in Adams Morgan. I hope it works out well. I still miss the Reef though.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if they considered Petworth or 11th St Corridor? They would be a welcome addition (and cheaper rent!).

    • David

      +1. Contact Donatelli, and take the big open spot at the southern end of Park Place on Georgia. Go for a lower price point, and it will have lines.

  • Anonymous

    So what happened with Reef? Did their lease expire? That place did well for itself.


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