Washington, DC

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2035 2nd Street, NW

“This year we have scaled up significantly…Bloomingdale will be overrun by Zombies!

The event is completely free to anyone and everyone. We give out candy to the little ones at the end, and some adults who need a little comforting, and it’s all put on 100% by volunteers from Parker Flats. So now, in conjunction with the Thomas Street Halloween Festival, which started up again in 2012, 2nd Street has become quite the place to be on Halloween night.

If anyone wants to stop by the haunted house is located at 2035 2nd St. NW (The Parker Flats at Gage School Condo Building), and we open the gates at 6:30pm and run until 9:30pm. We recommend showing up nice and early because the line gets real long and if you want to go through more than once it can be a bit of a wait. We also encourage anyone who attends to make sure they stop by Thomas Street’s Festival that night as well. Between the Haunted House and Thomas Street, it is a fantastic way to spend Halloween night.”

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