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Meridian Hill Fountains To Be Drained Next Week

by Prince Of Petworth September 13, 2013 at 11:30 am 14 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user clif_burns

Thanks to @Mr_Darling for finding out:

“Just got got confirmation [fountains at Meridian Hill Park to be turned off for the season] it’s the week of September 16th.”

This year the fountains got filled slightly later than in previous years due to budget constraints. And in previous years the fountains have remained filled until November. So unfortunately this is the last weekend to enjoy the great view until next year!

  • Anonymous

    I love this park and fountain, but it could use some more resources to keep the plants in better shape, fix and improve some of the old structures such as stairs and paths, maintain the restrooms in good shape and lots more. Is there any organisation of friends of this park that one could get involved in or donate to in order to help the city to keep this park in better shape and allow to have the water in the fountains on for longer?

    • XO

      Washington Parks & People! http://www.washingtonparks.net/ They’ve been working to improve this park for 23 years. It’s come a long way from the bad old days.

      However, I don’t know how much they can do about the capital improvements– the park is under NPS, and when you try to give the government money, Congress gets mad because it’s their Constitutional right to (under)fund agencies according to the Will of the People (in CA, TX, FL, etc., whose representatives actually get to vote on things, unlike ours).

  • Anonymous

    too soon! There are still young ducks who are not able to get off on their own yet. Because the fountains filled late they hatched late. They need at least another month before it can be drained.

  • annon

    Lovely, no fountains for my October 12 wedding.

  • andy2

    DC has budget surpluses but yet the fountains close early – wonder what would happen in a recession?
    I think there is something shady going on.

    • anon

      Isn’t this a federal park, not a city one?

      • jcm

        Yes, it’s a federal park maintained by NPS. They claimed they were filling the fountains late due to the sequester. Presumably that’s why they are emptying them early, too.

        • anon

          Poor ducklings. 🙁

  • Hello Goodbye

    oh, man. I’m having a real “where did the summer go” moment. 🙁 I wish they could stay filled a little longer.

    • Anonymous

      Worse yet– they turned off the fountains in Canal Park last week (or maybe it was the week before) to start setting up the ice rink!!

      • Anonymous

        The fountains have been on every day since then. I think they were just doing some maintenance. They were on when I came to work today.

  • hispanicandproud


  • Anonymous

    Feels like they just got filled, summer goes by so fast..

  • PC

    Why shut off the fountain in September? First frost isn’t usually until November in these parts. Could easily run it through early October without any damage to the system.


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