Washington, DC

From a press release:

“In the wake of last week’s tragic Navy Yard shooting, the organization most known for facilitating “Happiness Sprinklings in cities across the U.S., will set up shop at Navy Yard, Sprinkling happiness on those still grappling with tragedy.

While this is no solution to the ongoing problem of gun access and violence in our nation, it is an avenue to show that there is still an ounce of humanity, love and compassion in our community. Come join us! Don a bright yellow shirt, hold an encouraging sight that we’ll provide, make someone smile or hug a stranger and most importantly, have fun!

Who: Happiness Sprinkling Project
What: Happiness Sprinkle & Free Hugs
When: Tomorrow! Wednesday Sep. 25th 4:30p-7p
Where: Navy Yard Metro”


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