Arthur Treacher Becomes ‘Lunch Yaki’ Serving Japanese and Korean at 4th and Florida Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth August 5, 2013 at 10:30 am 15 Comments

400 Florida Ave, NW

Back in Sept. 2011 an Arthur Treacher fish and chips opened up in the former Ken’s Carryout space at 4th and Florida Ave, NW. In Dec. 2011 we noted that they added Bulgogi. In Nove. 2012 they added wings – so this was a truly unique Arthur Treacher’s featuring fish and chips, bulgogi and chicken wings. Now they are wiping the slate clean. It is Aurthur Treacher no more – today it is known as Lunch Yaki and will serve exclusively Japanese and Korean food. They also are opening up the space inside a bit (it’s still pretty small) and adding a few tables. All in all I think this is a very good move. Looking forward to trying out the new fare!


Hoping to add patio seating in the next 30-45 days after going through the permitting process:


  • mla

    Great update for Truxton Circle! Hope to see the AT signage removed soon and outdoor tables set up next to one of my favorite murals in the city. Sounds like an interesting concept, and I’m glad they’re brave/smart enough to try a culinary reboot!

  • Anonymous

    Yum! Flies!

  • The Real Jason

    So they’re just going to jettison the Franchise? I wonder how much they paid for the “privilege” of being an Arthur Teachers.

    • brookland_rez


  • Anonymous

    6.99 for bibimbap? That’s respectable. And same price for bulgogi? Pretty good. Tempted to check it out.

  • Anonymous

    also tempted to try this now. have always avoided the wings/korean/japanese/chinese/subshop combo…. always have felt that you spread yourself too thin when you offer SO MANY choices. Hopefully this new found focus will result in increased quality.

  • jcm

    I love yakitori. Much better choice than fried seafood, in my book.

  • Anonymous

    +1… love em yakitori too

  • bb

    Hopefully the signage will change to something a little more sleek and simple. This seems like a win for the neighborhood. I wonder how well outdoor seating will fare in that area, though, given the rush of cars on Florida Ave and the gas station across the street…

  • gloomingdale

    As it stands the bulgogi is not very good. Maybe it will improve if they can cook things on site.

  • Jack5

    That sounds interesting if the cleanliness is good! Looks like they were doing too many things before that.

    They should maybe reconsider the name though —

    How was your lunch Mike?

    “It tasted kinda Yaki.”

  • Thor

    why are they sorry about starting the new menu? does it have anything to do with the fly?

  • Anonymous

    do you make mexican jokes too?

  • So I will have to go elsewhere when I want chicken wings, sandwiches, fried fish, fries, and bibimbap at the same time? Oh the humanity!

  • EJ

    I had both their bibimbap and bulgogi before, pretty decent serving and can’t beat the price. Looking forward to the new menu!


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