Arthur Treacher’s Selling Bulogi in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth December 7, 2011 at 12:30 pm 18 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

Ken’s Carryout now offers Bulgogi. Not traditional Bulgogi, but good price, ingredients seem fresh and the rice was perfectly cooked.”

Back in Aug. ’11 we learned that Ken’s Carryout was becoming an Arthur Treacher’s at 400 Florida Ave, NW. Anyone try the Bulgogi?

  • anon

    i am no bulgogi aficionado but i think its fantastic. tried it once on a whim, and have since ordered it three more times, will be back for more. the teriyaki is also good. you can get a bulgogi sub but i haven’t tried it. plus the family that works there are great people.

  • Mike

    You guys know that bulgogi translates roughly to bulldoggie, don’t you?

  • orderedchaos

    Krunch Pup! That is all.

  • Anon X

    I’m so confused. Why did the owners open an A.T.? Why didnt they just open a Korean BBQ take out place and call it something clever?

    • OrlyNowai

      My guess would be that as a franchise they got free/discounted fixtures/equipment from the Treacher people, and probably it simplifies the ordering of the fish and chips part of the business. They probably figured that, like most of the Chinese places in the neighborhood, they needed a fried-food sideline to their ethnic cuisine.

    • indc

      Yeah, I agree. I totally am confused by the Ken’s Carryout-cum-Arthur Treachers -with-side of Korean. They should just call it “Multiple Personality Carry Out”

  • OrlyNowai

    Totally tasty! And the owner was really nice too. And honestly, although fish and chips aren’t my thing, that looked pretty delicious too- the people getting it were excited and they seemed to get a ton of food for cheap!

  • Truxton K

    I’ve now had most of their Korean/Asian options and agree that they are very good. This is a great option for a tasty low-price dinner. I hope the owners can make a run of it in that small space.

  • Bloomingdude

    Hmmmm… now I’m tempted to try this. The AT part totally turns me off cause I think of fried and then double-fried fat with fish somewhere in it. I also think of chains and nasty carry out Chinese places as being unclean.

    Not that bulgogi is necessarily the healthiest thing in the world, but I’d love to support a korean place with clean decent food.

  • andy

    Here’s an idea . . . just shut down as Arthur Treacher’s and reopen as a Korean BBQ spot.

    • R

      I went in for Bulgogi, but a big part of the neighborhood still wants fried and cheap food. I’ve heard the fish and chips are not bad either… but I personally don’t want the heart attack that comes along with it. They are catering to both and while it’s random as well get out, I can’t exactly blame them. Gotta pay the bills.

      • Anon X

        Just so you know, nothing bad will happen to you if you have the occasional extremely unhealthy meal. I hope you dont sit around thinking that you really dodged a bullet by NEVER eating something that is unhealthy, like fish and chips.

  • claire

    They’ve actually been offering bulgogi (and bibimbap) the whole time they’ve been open! They’re both very tasty – I like getting one order of bulgogi with rice and one order of bibimbap and mixing them. The bulgogi sub is not really worth getting (think a cheesesteak with bulgogi instead of steak). The first time I went, I actually ended up going three times in 48 hours. Ask for their gochujang (hot sauce) too if you like things spicy!

    For those questioning why they opened an Arthur Treacher’s instead of just a Korean BBQ place (also my initial reaction), I realized why the first time I went there… literally everyone else walking in was interested in the fish and chips and some people had even gone out of their way to visit the Arthur Treacher’s (fast food lovers). I can definitely see the benefit for opening with a chain – and I’m not going to complain as long as I can keep getting delicious Korean food!

    • Matt

      I know that a lot of the people in my neighborhood were interested in it simply because it was an Arthur Treacher’s. They reminisced about going to them as kids before they closed down.

      Anyone else try the bibimbap and having opinions on it?

      • sarah

        Had the bibimbap with bulgogi a couple weeks ago. Not bad! Not as good as the yellow cart downtown in terms of quick Korean, but if you’re in the neighborhood and need a fix it’s great.

  • DCer

    This is hysterical! Isn’t Arthur Treachers known for Fish & Chips (or am I thinking of something else)? Talk about an identity crisis!

  • Anon20009

    I am one of those who is more interested in Arthur Treacher’s than anything else here, but the ‘split personality’ doesn’t seem that odd to me – most of the Chinese food carryouts (Yum’s) always has subs and chicken wings. This doesn’t seem too far off from that. My only gripe with this place is that the one time I took the loooong walk to get some fish & chips, they were closed. It was a Sunday so I wasn’t sure if they were out of business or just taking a day off. At least now I know I can try to satisfy my cheap fish & chips jones sometimes soon. And the bulgogi looks good too…..

  • Anon Y

    Anon X, I had pork belly prior to the double fried dish, so I decided to stick to the Bulgogi ;) You’re right, a little treat will never hurt.


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