• gloomingdale

    Tried the Bulgogi and it wasn’t very good. Bulgogi cart on K is way better for example. But adding things that can be fried to their menu has potential. Literally everything on their menu is fried.

  • Pricey dinky wings. I would expect more bang for your buck at a fast food joint.

  • Fried fish? Check. Chicken Wings? Check. Terrible interpretation of asian food? Check.

    This place is a steak and cheese away from being the first franchised ghetto carryout in the city. Godspeed to you, Arthur Treachers.

    • The Real Jason

      Are the plethora of Dannys and Yums bulletproof glass partition Carry outs owned by one family?

      • Are either Danny’s or Yum’s a franchise? First time I’ve seen a franchise storefront (Arthur Treachers) with off-menu options (wings, bulgogi).

    • Farnsworth

      What is so offensive about a store that doesn’t cater to you existing?

      • The Real Jason

        I’ll take fried fish over tapas, small plates and “Fusion” fare any day.

      • Anonymous

        try eating here, then get back to us.

    • to jim

      they’re koreans cooking korean food. you’re an idiot making idiotic comments.

      • Bulgogi is Korean food?!?!? And the owners of a DC take-out joint are Korean?!?!?

        Well, I NEVER would have known that, thanks for clearing that up!

  • agree

    agree 100% with gloomingdale. tried the bulgogi and it was pretty bad – very bland and poor quality meat. I miss the bulgogi cart on K. I used to work near there but moved to the Hill.

  • The Bulgogi itself wasn’t that terrible, but if you order it on a sub, they douse it in unacceptably copious amounts of mayo and cheese. I do agree that K St. cart has better quality bulgogi. ALSO the sub was sans-kimchi which almost seems egregious.

    • monkeyrotica

      I think that’s a standard bulletproof carryout thing. Unless you want your steak & cheese smothered in mayo, you need to tell them to hold that $h!t. Same goes for fries buried under a blanket of “saltpepperketchup.”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder who would win in a battle between Arthur Treacher and Long John Silver?

  • Richko

    At what ever-decreasing percentage of fish & chips menu offerings does this cease to qualify as an Arthur Treacher’s?

    • Anonymous

      when the home office stops the advertising.

  • Bloomingdude

    I’ve eaten here twice — the fish once and the Korean both times. I like to support local businesses and I like Korean and thought this could be a nice, quirky hole in the wall place. I can’t say enough good things about the people who own it. They’re very friendly, work hard and the place is spotless. Unfortunately, I have to agree that the bulgogi just wasn’t that great. It wasn’t terrible but nothing you’d want more of. The fish was what you’d expect. Not horrible either, but not great. It’s basically a sliver of cheap fish in a very thick batter. I’d love to have a good Korean place in the neighborhood, but this just isn’t it.


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