Washington, DC

2309 Wisconsin Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’m not sure if you’ve heard any scuttlebutt, but apparently Sushiko in Glover Park is closed. I called to order takeout last week, and the man who answered (presumably the manager) said they were closed due to some kind of emergency. I assumed there may have been a problem with a customer, but when I asked if everyone was OK, he indicated it was no big deal. Well, tonight I tried again, and no one picked up at all. So I called the Chevy Chase location, and the hostess said the Glover Park location had been closed for about a week and likely would be closed permanently. She said she didn’t know why.

If this is true and Sushiko is closed in Glover Park, that’s a huge loss for the neighborhood and for anyone looking for relatively affordable, high-quality sushi in a city with few options. (We regularly drive all the way over from Logan Circle for pick up.)

Has anyone in PoPville heard anything?”

I also spoke with the Chevy Chase location and was told they couldn’t comment but more info would likely be known next week.


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