Washington, DC

14th and Otis Street, NW

Thanks to a few readers for sending word about the new corner grocery store at the corner of 14th and Oak St, NW:

“There seems to be a fairly extensive small grocery/convenience store going in the corner space of the apartments at 14th and Oak. Everything but the fresh merchandise is on the shelves, but I always pass by it too late to catch anyone working in there. There are some fairly large bottles of olive oil on the front shelves, which makes me lean more towards thinking it’s a grocery store rather than a 7-11 sort of operation.”

The reader later found out the folks from Black Lion (14th and Otis, St, NW) have opened up this new spot called Columbia Heights Food Market. I stopped by on Sunday and was told they just opened up and are continuing to stock their shelves. The owner tells me that Black Lion will stay open for another month or so and then will close for renovations when it will be reopened as a new Ethiopian coffee bar. Updates when they get closer to opening.

Columbia Heights Food Market is located right next to George’s Shoe Repair:

14th and Oak Street, NW


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