Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Lost Dog – Porter

by Prince Of Petworth July 3, 2013 at 11:20 am 9 Comments



Porter is still lost! Substantial REWARD for information leading to his safe return. Please help us find him! He is small (15lbs), red and white coat, looks like a mini husky or fox, 1 blue eye, one part blue part amber eye. On July 1, he ran out of 4403 2nd St. NE in the Brookland neighborhood. He was not wearing his collar at the time, and my friend no longer lives at that location. He has been reported seen near the metro tracks and construction areas close to the Brookland/CUA metro and Catholic University. According to the latest sighting (2 weeks ago on July 23rd), he was seen back in the neighborhood where he was lost, close to Webster St. NE and 1st St. NE, in an alley. It is also possible that someone has taken him in. If you see him, PLEASE do all of the following:

1. DO NOT CALL OUT, APPROACH, or CHASE him!! He is very skittish, and will bolt. I want him to feel safe and stay in the area. If he is with a person, please get as much information as you can so that i can locate and contact the person or the police.

2. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY at 202-681-1231. I do not care what time it is.

3. PLEASE KEEP HIM IN YOUR SIGHTS and FOLLOW HIM until I get there! I will compensate you for your time and effort.

4. TAKE A PICTURE of him and remember as many details as you can (precise location and direction he was headed, description of who he was with, if anyone or any other animal, condition- is he limping, does he look hurt, etc)

See www.facebook.com/findporterdc for more information. Thank you to everyone for all and any help. Please help me bring him home.


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