Dupont Circle Updates – 15th Street Bike Lane Repaving and Timing Lights for Pedestrian Crossing

by Prince Of Petworth — July 11, 2013 at 3:15 pm 9 Comments


In mid-June we learned pedestrians would soon be able to cross Dupont Circle streets without waiting in the median, plus the 15th Street bike lanes would get repaved. Regarding the lights for pedestrians – I’m told they hope to synchronize the lights by the end of July. And with a bit more specificity ANC Rep @KevDC tweeted:

“Repaving of 15th St NW Bike Lane set to begin a week from Monday (7/22) #ANC2B”

  • DC

    Repaving the bike lane? I’ve heard it all. They just completed the bike lane a couple of years ago and, by definition, it only has bike traffic. Why would it need repaving? Is it just the intersections? This seems like a DC boondoggle to me.

    • Anonymous

      i ride on this bike lane and it is a very bumpy ride, probably just rocks and other run off has eroded the bike lane over the years. Also some construction has caused some issues near mass ave. Considering how many people use it daily – this is well worth it and will encourage more use and keep bikers safe and off the roads. Win Win

    • David T

      If you actually tried to ride a bike in the 15th St. lanes (particularly southbound), you will see that it absolutely needs repaving. When they created the bike lanes a few years ago, they took the existing pavement (which was already in rough shape) and just re-striped it. I was walking from 15th and U up to 15th and V yesterday and it looks like they’ve already repaved that block!

    • Anonymous

      You clearly have not used the 15th St. bike lane.

    • As those folks said, it actually wasn’t originally repaved when they constructed it, it was basically just a paint job. Car fluid leakage from years of parking has really made the southbound portion bumpy as hell

    • Anonymous

      What? the government spending money on service I don’t use directly. Now I have heard it all. Why would people other than me need anything?

  • Alan

    Awesome, going directly across Dupont Circle has always been a pain with those lights that most people just run across when they get a chance anyway.

  • Adam S

    It appears at New Hampshire Avenue NW (northeast portion of circle) the walk signs have already been synchronized. However, it must be noted that the walk signals will be synchronized, which really makes it so there is now only 10 seconds to get across the whole circle. They didn’t re-program the lights for the circle, just when both walk signals allow for you to cross the entire circle, which is quite limited. People will still cross since a vast majority of time you cannot cross.

    • Anonymous

      I live up that way on New Hampshire, and I can tell you that they’ve been like that for at least a year and a half.


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