Chef Erik Bruner-Yang’s Maketto Temporarily Coming to Hanoi House on U Street

by Prince Of Petworth July 2, 2013 at 4:30 pm 22 Comments

2005 14th Street, NW

Last week learned Hanoi House would be partnering with Chef Erik Bruner-Yang from Toki Underground. More info from a press release:

“Maketto’s Executive Chef and co-owner Erik Bruner-Yang is pleased to announce a three-month residency and test kitchen at Hanoi House on 14th Street. Maketto, DURKL’s Will Sharp and Bruner-Yang’s modern mixed-retail and restaurant marketplace located at 1351 H Street NE, is not set to open until late 2013. This time of experimentation will allow Bruner-Yang and the entire Maketto team, including chef de cuisine James Wozniuk, to cook food inspired by their love affair with authentic Asian street food. Hanoi House will serve dinner only at $30 per person, family-style, with no accommodations for allergies or dietary restrictions. A dim sum cart will also be available throughout the evening a la carte. The menu will change often.

The Maketto residency at Hanoi House begins on July 15, 2013 and will be open six days a week, Monday-Saturday at 5 P.M. (closed on Sundays.) Space is limited and reservations are required. Reservations may be made directly online via Hanoi House’s OpenTable at www.hanoihousedc.com beginning next week, the week of July 8, 2013.”

  • theheights

    “Erik Bruner-Yang is pleased to announce a three-month residency and test kitchen at Hanoi House”

    At Hanoi house? Or the “Big House?”

  • CornholioDC

    I will eat all the dim sum.

  • anony
    • Anonymous

      He won’t be spending time in jail for something so petty.

      • anony

        I was being somewhat facetious about the jail time, but to say that domestic violence is “petty” is extremely disrespectful to victims of it.

        • Anonymous

          exactly. home invasion and assault? no fucking way i’ve ever support this guy with my money.

        • Anonymous

          Agree, and thanks for sharing that story. Unless there’s more to it than the reports indicate (it does seem rather bizarre) that guy is a sleazeball and I wouldn’t want to patronize his businesses.

          • Anonymous

            i’m open to hearing about any scenario where it’s okay to show up at your ex girlfriends house ( with your wife) at 7 in the morning. bang on the doors, force your your way in and knock her down.

            did she kidnap his child?

          • Anonymous

            I meant it could have been some scenario like the one described below. Not that he would have handled the situation appropriately even if it were true (stupid facebook comments do not require face-to-face confrontation) but it certainly sounds less insane that going to someone’s house with the intent to assault them. Unfortunately it’s hard to get to the bottom of the real story in cases like this.

        • Anonymous

          oh please. you are really exaggerating what the actual facts are.

          erik’s ex-gf talked all sorts of crazy shit to him and his new wife via FB, so they showed up to get her to stop. it escalated and his new wife started yelling at his ex, so her ex’s fiance came out and pushed erik’s new wife. that obviously upset erik so he started to fight back.

          get the facts straight, and get both sides before you start spewing hate.

          • Anonymous

            The clearest fact I see in all of this is that there are 4 people who really need to grow up and learn some self-control.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, if someone is making crazy comments about you on facebook you either ignore it or get a restraining order. Showing up at their house is not going to accomplish anything except start a fight. When you’re such a prominent public figure you ought to take ten seconds to stop and think about the consequences of acting so rashly.

          • roccocco

            Bullshit, they obviously went to the house at 7 am to provoke a confrontation.

          • Anonymous

            anon 10:05 don’t condone violence and agression.

          • Anonymous

            who cares what they do in their personal life? you’re not paying them to be your friend you’re paying them to make you a bowl of noodles.

    • Anonymous

      This is a personal matter that does not involve anyone in the peanut gallery above. There’s definitely more to the story. You’re entitled only to the information reported in the police report above – everything else is none of your business. If you don’t like what you read in the link above, don’t patronize his shops – simple as that.

      • CornholioDC


        Mind yo bizness.

      • SF

        +1000 there is an inexhaustible supply of petty righteous outrage in this town.

      • Anonymous

        violence affects us all.

        • Anonymous

          yo! puff-puff-PASS! this jay is not your personal conch shell

  • Thunder

    Not a fan of the $30 fee, but I look forward to the Maketto food. I hope that I can get in.

  • justinbc

    This is excellent news, the food at Hanoi House was horrible. I will definitely be attending!


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