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18th Amendment Closing July 27th on Capitol Hill

by Prince Of Petworth July 17, 2013 at 3:14 pm 21 Comments

Photo via 18th Amendment

Thanks to a reader for sending word. From 18th Amendment’s facebook page:

To all our loyal customers and friends:

After 7+ rewarding years and a lot of reflection we have decided the 18th Amendment’s last night will be Saturday, July 27th. As we move on to pursue other exciting opportunities please accept our deepest gratitude for all of your support and loyalty over the years. We hope that you can swing by over the next 10 days to help us create a few more memories and toast the good times to come! After a bit of a summer break we’ll be in touch with future plans. Hope to see you soon!

-Vicky — at 18th Amendment LLC.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the old divey places are dying out along Penn Ave SE. Wonder what this one will become.

    • Alex

      Ugh, no doubt some yuppie bar with $12 cocktails and $8 beer.

    • Anonymous

      It’s only 7 years old. That’s considered old and divey these days???

      • Anonymous

        7 years old as in they slapped a sign with a new name on it 7 years ago. It’s pretty old and decrepit.

  • ET

    I assume this will change into some “concept” that no one who used to go to the 18th Amendment will want to go to …. Well Spike has his new one so he may not be up for another one and it seems Javier sold his to some group so neither of those two may be involved. Sadly for me, for all the food choices around the Eastern Market Metro there just aren’t than many that I actually want to go to.

    This has been around longer than 7 years surely – possibly under different management?

  • jes

    That place was only in business for 7 years? Given the condition it’s in, it’s like whoever bought the place 7 years ago just looked around and said “eh screw it, no renovation or repairs necessary, let’s open tomorrow”

    • Anonymous

      I was surprised to read that too.

  • Anonymous

    Before it was the 18th it was Zack’s with a weird 70’s disco vibe.

    This is the end of an era.

    • I. Rex

      Thanks. I could never figure out what the deal was with the mirrors and the décor in general. This makes sense now.

  • Anonymous

    What are the best spots for nightlife in Capitol Hill? Been here a couple years and still don’t know where to go if I don’t feel like leaving the neighborhood.

    • jes

      Lolas and Molly Malones draw a decent crowd, as does Capitol Lounge. The piano bar at Banana Cafe is also a winner.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, I never would have considered Lolas/MMs. Banana Cafe is great some nights but can really be hit or miss.

  • sadness

    i really liked this place. a co-worker introduced me to it and we always had a great time here. unpretentious fun, good patrons and staff. sorry to see it go.

  • AG

    As long as this doesn’t mean more people at Tune Inn, then meh. This bar always kind of weirded me out.

  • Anonymous

    have live in the neighborhood for over a decade and have never stepped foot in it. Have been to most other bars around there, yet never had any reason to go there. Oh well, 18th Amendment, I guess I never knew you

  • Anonymous

    Went here one time last summer during the DERECHO storm…had a great brunch and plenty of drinks. Came back, they were out of champagne…blood marry mix, and there was a cockroach running around the bar…also think it took like 45 minutes for our food 2nd time around. Not shocking. Was good the first time and had a great music playlist

  • mizark

    I met my wife at this bar six years ago. Now, I’ll have to bring our kids to the eventual tapas/mixology/burger bistro/whatever this place will become and tell them we met “here, but not really.” The dungeon pool room was pretty cool and they always had Abita.

  • Anonymous

    This place has been bad since I’ve been on the hill (6 years). Uninviting, no large crowds.

  • justinbc

    That was one of the worst bars I’ve ever been to in any city. I know that it appeals to a totally different crowd, but I for one will not lament its passing.

    • Ally

      I’m with you, Justin. Not my kind of place, either. Owner is a sweetheart, though.

  • Tanner

    One of the bars I frequented on Cap Hill over the years, sad to see it go, most of the customers and owners were unique and good folks, still are. I’m sure they did their best to survive rough economic times and a challenging business landscape. I will miss the owners, the folks who frequented it and the spot, I wish them all the best and look forward to whatever they do next…lastly I hope whoever took over makes an effort to have a place that is friendly and welcoming for the entire neighborhood!


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