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Update on “Attempted attack on my wife and I on Friday at about 5:30 PM on 14th and Park”

by Prince Of Petworth June 25, 2013 at 11:00 am 54 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user rosiedawn

Yesterday we learned about the troubling incident:

“Attempted attack on my wife and I on Friday at about 5:30 PM on 14th and Park” MPD reached out and here is an update from the reader:

” So I’ve spoken with several different officers including supervisors tonight.

They’ve all been very responsive to the issues at hand and know who this individual is. They did canvas the area looking for him and showed me his photo which I confirmed that it was him.

They are going to also deal with my concerns regarding the officers I dealt with on Friday and Saturday.

I can wholeheartedly say that everyone I’ve spoken with tonight has been fantastic. And it’s definitely been genuine concern. All the way down to the thoroughness of making sure I identified the right “suspect” via a photograph they had.

While I don’t feel it should take a blog post with 100+ comments and several tweets to influential officials to get some action taken, I do commend MPD for responding extremely quickly and going beyond what they probably had to do with me tonight. I think that speaks volumes about their concern, and I only hope that it makes an impact on how they handle certain things going forward. If not, then this was all for nothing.

All supervisors who I spoke with tonight seemed adamant about correcting the issues with these officers and felt genuinely bad about the experience I had.

As far as this “suspect”: if you do see him and feel he is a threat to you or others, please call 911, state he may be mentally ill and a risk to you or himself and ask for a supervisor to be sent to his location to speak to him in order to assess the situation and the individual. It is clear that he’s on the radar of many of the officers in the 3rd district (especially now) so I feel confident that they will be responsive to any calls about him.”


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