Dear PoPville – Info on Mt. Pleasant Muggings

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Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to share my experience and ask if anyone had more information about the string of muggings that has hit Mount Pleasant lately. Apparently on Friday night there was a mugging/assault on the corner of Brown Street and Oak. According to the cops I met on Saturday (more on that later) the suspects were two black males.

On Saturday night at around 3am I heard a noise outside my window, looked out and had front row seats to a brutal assault and mugging on Brown Street. At first it appeared that it was a 3-on-1, they easily knocked an older Latino man unconscious, his head hit the curb as he fell. Two of them took his wallet and ran, while the 3rd oddly stayed back and laid down on the ground next to the unconscious man and pretended to be hurt as well. I turned away to call 911 and when I turned back the two assailants were back, robbing the second guy! He had been hit/stabbed in the head with a wooden stake and was bleeding profusely from the head. The perps were both Latino and young. One was about 6’1″ 175 and the second was 5’5″ 140.

I spoke with the cops for about half an hour and told them what I’d seen. They seemed set on the assailants being black, but I assured them they were not. The police said there had been a string of muggings lately in the area. It seemed like the assailants were targeting (very) drunk men leaving the Mt. Pleasant Street bars who walk down Brown to their homes.

I had heard rumors that the incident on Friday night was of a woman walking her dog, and possibly involved a sexual assault, but I have not heard anything confirmed about that. My roommates and I have been trying to find any new information, but have gotten nothing. Any information would be welcome.

Ed. Note: MPD writes via the 4D-Listserv:

“Two complainants report being assaulted and robbed by two suspects around 3am in the 3400 blk of Brown St NW. There is no useable lookout for the suspects. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”

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