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Dear PoPville – Info on Mt. Pleasant Muggings

by Prince Of Petworth — June 4, 2013 at 12:30 pm 32 Comments

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Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to share my experience and ask if anyone had more information about the string of muggings that has hit Mount Pleasant lately. Apparently on Friday night there was a mugging/assault on the corner of Brown Street and Oak. According to the cops I met on Saturday (more on that later) the suspects were two black males.

On Saturday night at around 3am I heard a noise outside my window, looked out and had front row seats to a brutal assault and mugging on Brown Street. At first it appeared that it was a 3-on-1, they easily knocked an older Latino man unconscious, his head hit the curb as he fell. Two of them took his wallet and ran, while the 3rd oddly stayed back and laid down on the ground next to the unconscious man and pretended to be hurt as well. I turned away to call 911 and when I turned back the two assailants were back, robbing the second guy! He had been hit/stabbed in the head with a wooden stake and was bleeding profusely from the head. The perps were both Latino and young. One was about 6’1″ 175 and the second was 5’5″ 140.

I spoke with the cops for about half an hour and told them what I’d seen. They seemed set on the assailants being black, but I assured them they were not. The police said there had been a string of muggings lately in the area. It seemed like the assailants were targeting (very) drunk men leaving the Mt. Pleasant Street bars who walk down Brown to their homes.

I had heard rumors that the incident on Friday night was of a woman walking her dog, and possibly involved a sexual assault, but I have not heard anything confirmed about that. My roommates and I have been trying to find any new information, but have gotten nothing. Any information would be welcome.

Ed. Note: MPD writes via the 4D-Listserv:

“Two complainants report being assaulted and robbed by two suspects around 3am in the 3400 blk of Brown St NW. There is no useable lookout for the suspects. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.”

  • Anonymous

    Great, not this again. Just when you think the neighborhood has turned the corner.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for posting this – I live right near this spot. scary stuff

  • ????

    ‘There is no useable lookout for the suspects.’ didnt the OP give a relatively good description for a lookout???

    • sbc

      I think it might be a good idea for the OP to contact a supervisory officer in 4D, if s/he really did provide that much information to the cops and is concerned that no one really listened. The full 4D roster is at http://mpdc.dc.gov/page/welcome-fourth-district

      However, it’s also possible that the cops are simply not putting all the information on the listserv. Sometimes they hold information back in order to check the veracity of other alleged witnesses.

  • MT P

    MPD did confirm with one of my neighbors that a crime was committed Friday night between 11:00 and midnight, and we’d heard the same story about a woman walking her dog. Also, two lieutenants from the 4D are planning a meeting for residents in the area about the incidents/their response– will post that info as soon as I have it!

    • You refer to it, but what’s the story of the woman walking her dog?

      We just adopted a dog and I have been taking her out alone for her nightly walk in the neighborhood, probably being foolhardy and assuming that I’d be less likely to run into trouble with a (large) dog at my side. Would appreciate more info, including a look out or info on patterns…

      • Mt P

        I’m sorry I don’t have more details– just that a woman was walking her dog at the corner of Oak and Brown Friday night and was assaulted by 2 men. I assume it’s the crime the MPD officer confirmed to my neighbor that occurred between 11 and midnight Friday but I’m not positive. I’m sure MPD will compare a description from the female victim with the statement given by the OP to determine if it’s the same guys described above.

  • BitterElitist

    I spoke with the cops for about half an hour and told them what I’d seen. They seemed set on the assailants being black, but I assured them they were not

    …sigh. Looking for somebody to jam up instead of looking for actual criminals.

  • mt pleasant resident

    I live in the neighborhood, and it seems we have a crime wave every spring. One year it was a rash of car break ins, one year it was a rash of burglaries, etc. If you have a bike, it will get stolen, even if it’s inside of your tall wooden fence. The crimes are usually against property, and it’s generally very safe. The most annoying thing that usually happens is trash that I often find on my front yard and on the streets. (Which I blame on some unsavory illegal immigrants that live at the sketchy apartment complex at the end of the street. And how do I know? Easy – most of the trash I see on my yard is stuff like discarded Latino phone cards). This saddens me and I wonder how much better my neighborhood would be if that apartment building wasn’t there.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know they were “illegal immigrants?”

      • because

        I have befriended quite a few of them. Most are law-abiding and generally cool. But here illegally nonentheless. Ask them where they’re from and when they were there last. Or when they’re going next. If they pretty much say ‘never’ it means it’s because they can’t since they’re not in the US legally in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      Sketchy apartment complex? The Woodner, perhaps?

    • Anonymous

      I believe the term is “undocumented” now…just FYI.

  • Alan

    Ugh, I live on 17th St and I see some shady characters but I’m rarely out that late even on Friday and Saturday and have never witnessed anything. Certainly not blaming the victim but it is worth reminding people to keep their wits about them at all times and that it is not the best choice to walk home alone when highly intoxicated.

  • do you know if they went down oak when they were done? I ask because I am supplying video footage of Oak to the police and I’ve got about an hr of it as thats all I had to go on

    • OP

      Yeah they headed north up Brown. Not sure if they turned left up Oak, but it would probably make more sense than running out on to 16th.

      • do you know the time you made the 911 call? im taking the footage I have to them but if its an exact time I can pull much better

        • OP

          3:04 AM

          • really? the cops showed around midnight and then the detective at I beleive it was around 1.45am.. if it’s 3am.. then this isn’t the same thing they’re talking about

        • Victim

          Where you able to get the police the video around the time of the Friday 11:30 pm attack?

          • i did. but there is nothing on it that shows much more than the cops showing up and talking to whomever is there.. not sure where the 3:04am comes into play as that is not anywhere near what I was told.

  • washingtonian

    Juxtaposing two quotes from the two statements above creates an odd implication:

    “They seemed set on the assailants being black, but I assured them they were not.”

    Ed. Note: MPD writes via the 4D-Listserv:

    “There is no useable lookout for the suspects.”


    Wait, so if the suspects aren’t reported as black, there is no “useable lookout”?

    Please tell me I have leaped to some errant conclusion here?

    Perhaps it’s not the same incident being discussed? Perhaps beyond race, the eyewitness could provide no information at all (dubious, since the witness noted “The perps were both Latino and young. One was about 6’1″ 175 and the second was 5’5″ 140.” which seems like a perfectly useable lookout to me).

  • Dans

    After 10 years in that neighborhood (Oak St.), I was glad to go. Very creepy feel on Brown St. The apt building in question was a wreck. I remember people throwing furniture down the back/side stairs at the end of the month if they were moving. BTW, cops regularly park at the circle at the end of Oak (abutting the woodner parking lot) to eat lunch or dinner in their cars. Maybe they see things?

    • I believe the “shady apartment house” referred to in this string is the Oaklawn Terrace, not the Woodner.

      Brown Street has always been especially vulnerable. It’s fairly isolated, just a few blocks long, and is a short block away from 16th Street. With little traffic, and being deserted after midnight, it’s an inviting area for robbers in search of victims.

      The Mount Pleasant ANC meeting of June 18 will be preceded by a community session with Lieutenant Pate, to talk about these incidents. Latino men are favorite targets, because they commonly carry a good deal of cash, and may also be unlikely to report being victims.

      • An ony mouse

        And around CH they are usually drunk.

  • ErinC

    Great, this is a block from my house, and I live alone on a dark block.

  • Anonymous

    Brown St. is shady as hell.

    • by what definition??

      If you look up crime statistics, Brown St is safer than Logan Circle, Eastern Market, and Dupont Circle. I know, I bought a condo and did my research before I bought.

      That said, I hate hate hate that shady apartment building at the end of the block, and the trash that their residents like to throw on the street.

      • Anonymous

        Crime stats are low bc it’s officially in Mt. Pleasant, which has low crime statistics for neighborhoods in DC.

        I used the word shady based on the dictionary definition of the word, referring to its dubious nature. It’s not well lit and isn’t heavily frequented by vehicles (or people walking for that matter). Very good place to get jumped. Wouldn’t blame it on the apt building down the block. It’s just a matter of the street’s layout and location.

        • Anonymous

          the shittiest street in (one of) the best neighborhoods.

        • crime stats

          can be obtained block by block. Google Do your own research; a good place to start is the DC crime map (google it). Pick Brown St and compare it against a block you know in Dupont/Logan/etc and get back to me. Or not. But at least be informed.

  • Anonymous

    If you notice, perps come out closer to the summer. It’s warmer and more folks are out later.

    I was mugged last summer. Thank goodness nothing of real value was taken. Just a suggestion, maybe get personal with the perps. Asking their names, where they live, your name, etc. Getting personal with them helps you indentify them later on. This was helpful on my part because I was not physically hurt in any way.


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