• Anonymous

    I mis sthe Red Palace but Vendetta looks very nice!

  • Anonymous

    I thought the Palace was a hipster favorite? What happened?

    • Anonymous

      more of a burner/pdf favorite if you want to label it.

      • Anonymous

        What in the hell is a burner/pdf?

        • Anonymous

          I know what a burner is, but by PDF do you mean definition #9 from Urban Dictionary?

        • Anonymous

          “Burner/PDF” = a way more interesting crowd than the people who will frequent this establishment.

          Bocce bros like to bang balls & barf beer.

  • SF

    I hope the new place is good but I’ll miss the Red Palace. It was a really solid place to grab a beer and chat with friends with no hassle.

  • Anonymous

    Can we have one post without some simpleton mentioning hipsters? I’m sorry you can’t grow facial hair,I’m sorry you don’t own a bike,I’m sorry you have a decent job,I’m sorry you’re too fat to wear skinny jeans….We get it…

    Chrissakes can we move on? Just stay at your meat market bar with their 40 flat screen TV’s and the same tired Hyatt regency decor..Better yet get a sixer and stay home.

    • Anonymous

      i’m far from being labeled a hipster. but completely agree with this. just drop it and enjoy life

    • Anonymous

      we will never be rid of simpletons.

    • The definition of what makes a hipster has been so distorted in DC that it’s mostly a meaningless term anyway.

      • Anonymous

        It’s no different than yuppies, foodies, thugs, and hippies.

        • Foodie is probably even more meaningless. “Oh what, you enjoy eating food? Let me introduce you to every other person ever.”

          • I actually know 2 people who do not like eating food. I think they are aliens.

          • Anonymous

            of course foodie mean something. it’s a gourmet, but one that wants to seem or is, more down to earth.

          • Anonymous

            By “gourmet”, did you mean “gourmand”? Because that would make sense.

          • Anonymous
          • @12:16 anonymous, perhaps that’s what it means in theory, but in practical use it’s rarely applied that way.

        • But when most of those terms are applied to people they shrug it off. Hipsters are the only ones who get apoplectic over a label no matter how much of a caricature they are. And kudos to the poster above who’s celebrating the ability to grow facial hair (welcome to puberty, kiddo!) and the choice to wear women’s jeans.

          • Apparently owning a bike is also an endemic trait, something I wasn’t aware of. I wonder if CaBi users are considered part time hipsters.

          • washingtonian

            I’ve never met someone who was happy to get called yuppie. Somewhere near the end of the 80s, it became shorthand for schmuck.

      • DC people who say “hipster” aren’t cool enough to know what it really means. Got it.

        Apparently the whole “being good at irony” thing is also lacking in the area.

        • It’s not a matter of even knowing what it means. It’s a matter of so broadly applying to every person you see that looks slightly different than you that it loses any real meaning whatsoever.

  • Dno

    That paint job is tight.

  • That Man A

    I miss Red Palace as well

    Their brunch was one of my favorite hideouts in the early morning when i didnt want to see sun lol

  • Anonymous

    It seems that even Englert wasn’t able to predict just how quickly H St. would become bro-ified. Going straight from vaudeville to bocce seems somehow counter to his presumed ethos.

    • Anonymous

      Is bocce a bro thing now? That’s really disappointing. I was looking forward to coming here and revisiting a game I haven’t played since I was a little kid, but not if the atmosphere resembles a frat house.

      • NE

        I was coming here to say that it is not a “bro” thing. It is one of the fastest growing social sports in the district. I have had a blast playing with DC Bocce on a number of occasions and it brings every walk of life. Come have a beer and play a damn social game with your friends and give up on the labels.

        • +100000000

          Get over yourselves. While you’re anonymously pontificating how bros are ruining everything you never went to anyway, I’ll be out playing bocce, enjoying a drink and making some new friends.

          • Anonymous

            thats awesome. sadly i’m at work.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if you’d call it a “bro” thing, but it is one of those “social” sports along with kickball.

    • Adolphous

      Do people really consider bocce ball to be a bro thing? It’s a game that old men play in Italy and people play at the beach. It’s just a game, it’s been around forever. I’ve been to places that have bocce in Brooklyn and there was always a good vibe. Seems pretty chill to me.

      • pabro picasso

        good bros borrow. great bros steal

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Old men playing bocce in Italy = old men playing bocce in Italy.

        Bros playing bocce in DC = bros playing bocce in DC.

        Simple as that!

  • pru

    Aww, poor palace of wonders, and its later names. I thought it was only extra burnery on nights where burners were performing. I think their crowd was wider than that. This new place looks generic and boring as hell.
    Any chance of the palace re-opening somewhere else? What did they do with all the crazy decor?

    • Anonymous

      “This new place looks generic and boring as hell.”

      What does that even mean? No place is boring if you’re with a good crowd.

  • MikeinDC

    Oh, good, you can still trip on the gas meter when leaving. Every time I bash my shins, I’ll think of good times at R&B.

  • My biggest complaint with this is that their menu online hurts my eyes to read. Their web designer should be fired.

    • JL

      It looks pretty readable to me…

      • Black text on a blurry image background? Major no no.

        • give it a rest

          Dude, pls give it a rest

  • To me the strangest part of this restaurant is that the bocce courts exist in the middle of the dining spaces. At least at Black Jack or Vinoteca those people who want to play are in a different area and don’t really distract / detract from those who want to eat.

  • Anonymous

    Went there last night and I know it was their first service and there are kinks to be worked out, but it just wasn’t a good experience. My girlfriend ordered pinot grigio – they were out. I ordered papparadelle (to which the waitress responded, “Do you know what papparadelle is?”) – they were out. I ordered a beet salad – it never came. The bolognese had not been seasoned at all and just fell flat; it was also a tiny portion for $16.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re going to share negative experiences of restaurants with the world, my advice is to wait a month after a place opens before you go.
      Cuz that’s just rude.

      • Anonymous

        Just rude? Get outta here… s/he did give fair warning that it just opened, so that there are kinks to be worked out. But to be out of items on the first day of service? That’s not entirely excusable.


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