• Anonymous

    The reno is pretty nice. It’s definitely has more of a loft feel.

    The menu got a lot fancier and expensive, though that’s to be expected.

    They’re going for an older, more sophisticated clientel. The Tune Inn, Li’l Pub, and 18th Amendment are still just down the road if you want cheap drinks.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I always thought of Tune Inn, Li’l Pub, 18th Amendment, and the old Hawk ‘n Dove as being interchangeable.

      Then again, the new Hawk ‘n Dove seems interchangeable with any of the other Xavier establishments, so I’m not sure it makes much difference.

      • Anonymous

        I get them mixed up too. Which one had the fried okra?

        • The one with all the exposed brick and dark wood paneling.

          • Anonymous

            You mean the one on Pennsylvania?

        • Anonymous

          Tune Inn had/has okra

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a $8 for a cup of tomato bisque? (p.s. their prices are backwards, it’s more expensive for a cup than a bowl, but that’s still, wow).

  • Anonymous

    Huh, I didn’t know they had a bluegrass brunch. May have to check that out.

  • ksb

    I truly can not believe how terrible this place is (and I’m a pretty low key person.) Brunch a few weeks ago was a disaster – service took FOREVER and the menu is disappointing after being a regular at old Hawk n Dove brunches throughout the years.
    The bluegrass was nice, though, but the poor band was stuck in a back corner upstairs, playing to people who were trying to watch the Nats game. Just weird overall…

  • kw

    Went to the bluegrass brunch a couple months ago with a large group, right after it opened. They didn’t have bottomless mimosas at the time (not sure about now) but were cool about it and let us do it for $15 each considering we were ripping through them at the speed of sound. I like the new decor, and the food was OK. Not a bad option but I think there are better brunch options around the area.

  • Faith

    I was impressed at first. We went with another couple on a Sunday night around 9pm for drinks and the place was comfortable, easy to have a conversation in, and the drinks were not bad. However, I went to lunch there yesterday and the noise level made it very hard to have a conversation at our table or for the waiters to hear our order. The food I ordered was mediocre. Probably will go back, but just not during peak times.

  • Andy R

    All looks overpriced to me.

    • Anonymous

      Really? I think these prices are on par with other sit-down eating establishments in DC. You’re probably one of the old school clients just hating to hate.

  • Anonymous

    the interior has lost every shred of character it used to have. they did a big open floor plan with a kind of lofted area upstairs. It really sucks compared to the original. probably one of the most generic bars on that block now…

    • Agreed. Losing the old Hawk and Dove for this is sad.

  • JL

    This is the same place in name and location only. It used to be the kind of place where Bud Light was served in pitchers and red plastic cups, now it’s the kind of place that has $12 cocktails and $15 burgers. The new place is “nicer” by most objective standards, but the old place was more my speed.

    • Anonymous

      Newsflash: As the cost of living in DC goes higher and higher the selection of dirt cheap dive bars is going lower and lower. That’s just the way it is. Businesses have to charge patrons enough to cover their rent. Move to the Midwest or South if you want $3 pitchers and dive bars.

      • JL

        Newsflash: I was not complaining, just stating the fact that the establishment is completely different despite keeping the name. The prices are not the only thing that’s different about this place, I was just using that as a kind of shorthand. To respond, basically, “deal with it or GTFO” seems a little unnecessary.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. Just another blowhard doing what they do best.

  • Anony

    Disclaimer: I never actually went to the Old Hawk and Dove (at least that I remember) because I don’t generally hang out on the hill. So, I can’t compare the old vs. new.

    I did, however, go to the new Hawk and Dove. And, it was beyond horrible. The inside looks like an Applebee’s, but that food wasn’t as good. Yep . . . that bad.

    In my entire life, the new Hawk and Dove was the only restaurant EVER where I wasn’t able to even choke down my meal. I got about a quarter of the way through my meal and threw in the towel because it was that bad. It was a horrific combination of dry, burnt and salty.

    Needless to say, I haven’t been back.

    • Anonymous

      Xavier Cervera’s restaurants are always really horrible when they first open. Then the kinks get worked out and the food and service is better, but mediocre at best. Of course now that they’ve been sold that could change…

  • amm

    I think the old Hawk n Dove shut down right when I moved here, so I don’t have much for comparison, but we did go to Bluegrass Brunch a month or so ago. The new place is very pretty inside, lofty-feel, a bit “fancy.” Not divey at all. I was unfortunately terribly hungover and thought it was one of the loudest places I’ve ever been to for brunch, but that coulda been my hangover talking. Food was tasty, but pretty standard. Couldn’t really hear the music…

  • I hate it. The space is too open, making it very noisy during a busy service, not easy to have a conversation with someone. The food is awful, my friend ordered the baked rigatoni and they served him rotini pasta. There were metal shards in my calamari. The food that wasn’t screwed up wasn’t worth the price.

    • Maire

      And if I remember correctly, the calamari isn’t fried. Which is fine, but I think 99% of people expect fried calamari when they order it and nothing in the description indicated that it wasn’t fried. So I think they should give people a head’s up when they order it – or make the description more explicit on the menu.

      • Anonymous

        They should mention the metal shards, too.

  • Maire

    In my opinion they shouldn’t have called it the Hawk n Dove. It’s a totally new place and it should have a totally new name. That might make it more palatable for those of us who really miss the cozy interior with nooks and crannies and fireplaces.

    The service left a lot to be desired when I went there after it re-opened, despite the fact that I think they sought out experienced personnel, but maybe that has improved.

    I hate the kitchy menu – I can’t remember exactly but the appetizers are “Roll Call” and the other menu sections reference the political scene as well. It just seemed kind of… obvious.

    I’m very willing to admit that my opinion is skewed because I was sad to lose the old place. But the new place is basically a sports lounge now – loud, cavernous, echo-ey, TVs everywhere. Blah.

  • Trinidaddy

    Generic and not terribly unexciting. Every single semblance of quirkiness and originality went out the window. They now sponsor our tuesday night bocce league. Whereas Pour House(our previous sponsor) was a place conducive to meeting new people and pounding some cheap pitchers of beer, this place is just weird and awkward. No thanks, not my cup of tea at all.

    • Trinidaddy

      meant to say ‘not terribly exciting’.

      • Well, there’s nothing about double negatives that you can’t say isn’t untrue.

  • Anonymous

    i used to go in the old hawk n dove for lunch and grab a brew. so, about a month ago i decided to check out hawk n dove 2.0, i got there, looked at the menu, looked inside, pulled a one-eighty and never looked back. why do people go in and change up a perfectly good smelly dive bar? it takes years for one to develop.

    • Because people who go to smelly dive bars just for a brew are unlikely to plunk down $23 for a small plate of artisanal locally sourced metal shavings. Also, get rid of the dank, open up the space, and make it deafening, you make it a place with lots of “buzz” so you can charge $7 happy hour prices on MGD. It’s all about creating a vibrant space where people can spend lots of money to scream at eachother.

      • Anonymous


        This is pretty much every place opened in DC within the last 3 years. Especially 14th Street.

        • +1 monkeyerotica
          – 1 to anon. That’s a grotesque broad stroke and simply untrue. Plenty of character places have opened up over that span. A handful just in my neighborhood – Boundary Stone, Beau Thai, Red Hen, Shaw’s Tavern. There are plenty of the generic places, but don’t make some big generalization and do all the good places a disservice with your lazy commenting.

          • Anonymous

            Are you always this pedantic?

            And yes, please tell us all about the wonders of the Bloomingdale business community. We’ve never heard of these places!

    • Anonymous

      Simple economics of commercial rental rate, coupled with the cost of living, are making dive bars within DC proper go the way of the Dodo Bird.

  • anon

    Went there for lunch last Friday and won’t be going back. It wasn’t busy, but the service was horrible. Lunch took close to two hours because our waiter was so slow and would disappear for long stretches at a time. The food wasn’t good – overcooked and dried out.

  • Anonymous

    Went here a couple months ago for brunch. It’s really just another mediocre Xavier Cervera restaurant, in the lousy vein of the Chesapeake Room and Senart’s. Nice enough decor, but generic. Food is overpriced, safe, and nothing to write home about.

    Service, when we went, was really terrible. Granted, they’d only been open a few weeks, but water glasses were constantly empty, drinks were empty, menus were closed for about ten minutes before we ordered, and we literally had to get up and find a waiter to get our check. I had better service at the old Hawk for a quarter of the price.

    And, while I do miss the old Hawk, where I cut my teeth drinking as an intern, I really don’t think my opinion of this place would change even if it had a different name or opened somewhere else. Fact is, I think there are better places to go in this price range in DC.

  • Eric

    No one has mentioned the most important thing. Is it still a good place to go to hit on 20 year old interns?

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s too expensive now. It’s mostly filled with yuppie Capitol Hill homeowners and senior staffers (early 30s to early 40s).

    • And, does the Hump n’ Grind still have all ages nights?

  • IntensivePorpoises

    Unless Baseball Bill Holdforth is behind the bar, I’m naggona go.

  • Anonymous

    I brought my parents here for brunch one Sunday last month. It was a terrible experience. We had about an hour and a half before we had to leave to catch a flight. We were seated (there were four of us) and first it took forever for a waitress to take our orders. Then we waited for an hour. No refills, no updates, just no food. Other tables that had ordered around the same time we did got their food. I got up and checked with the manager and he said it would be right out and it didn’t come. With 15 minutes to spare before we had to leave, we got our food. We all ordered the same thing, but with different combinations (avocado, no meat, meat, etc.). Ever single order came out wrong, I assume because they just grabbed four sandwiches and brought them all out. The manager came back out and brought us correct food and we had to wolf them down to make the flight. He recognized the terrible service and comped our bill, which was going to be like $130 because yes, the food is overpriced. I just don’t understand how you can have such reliably terrible service (other trips have not panned out well) and charge so much. I’m happy paying more money for nice food, good atmosphere, and excellent service. But the staff there can’t handle even a moderate uptick in tables, don’t know the beer menu, can’t describe the food, and can’t multitask. If you want to hire inexperienced wait staff, cut the prices.

  • ET

    Wow. Based on the comments here hopefully it stays open long enough to get better (whatever that means for a Cervera owned establishment) so I can form an opinion (I haven’t been yet but wanted to try it once at least). Of course considering some of the fairly middlin standards of many who eat out in DC, it will likely have a long and happy life as long as there is outdoor seating.

  • I never had any desire to visit the previous iteration, and this place somehow sounds even worse based on these descriptions. With so many other options, why bother?

    • gilla


    • Anonymous

      Oh totally, why actually go so,we here before judging it! Makes total sense. That’s a great rule to apply throughout your life – rely on other’s opinions for everything. Jeez.

      I dined there and it was fine. Wasn’t amazing, but was not unacceptable. This post has been overran with old H&D patrons that are bitter, have an axe to grind and will hate the place no matter what.

      • I’m not basing it entirely on the opinions of others. I’m basing it on what I know of the place, and the fact that if I’m going to spend $15 on a burger there are places that I would much rather do it. There is zero incentive for me to dine at Hawk and Dove, before and after.

  • anonymous

    I went here about 6 weeks after it opened. It will be sometime before I return. I still have bad vibes from the experience. The table we sat at was back by the kitchen. The food delivery truck had arrived and there was a really cold draft coming through the back of the restaurant. I asked the hostess about it and she said the delivery would be done in a few minutes. It wasn’t. It was a good 20 minutes of sitting with our coats on. (My bad, I should have asked for another table. Though a good hostess would move you to another table.) Since we were near the kitchen I saw lots of food coming out and tables that came in after us were
    getting their meals. I asked the waiter about our order. He checked and then came back and said “Oops, I forgot to place your order.” Are you kidding me? But at least he was honest and said our meal would be comped. We finally got our food…nothing special and left. Usually it’s the
    kitchen’s fault when food doesn’t arrive or satisfy and not the waiter so I don’t stiff a waiter on a tip. This time, sorry dude; you flunked. I ran into friends when we left the restaurant. They were headed to the Hawk & Dove. Told them to go to the Tune Inn instead.

  • Anonymous

    It is criminal what they did to that place. The world doesn’t need more ruby tuesdays….

  • anonymous

    Wow. I guess we’ve had entirely different experiences…

    I had been to the ‘old’ H&D years ago, but only once – so I wouldn’t say that I have tons of nostalgia about it. I’ve been three times in the past three months at this point and we really enjoy it. I realize that it isn’t the ‘cheap’ dive bar that it might have been, but I enjoy the styling of the space and I’ve never found it that loud. We seem to generally end up there for a sunday evening dinner; maybe thats the best time?

    Our service has always been pretty good; our waiters definitely knew the menu well and were able to suggest good beers that I’d never tried before. Also, for those of us who like spicy chili, the bowl is a meal in and of itself.

    I still suggest people try it, maybe we’re just lucky…

  • Anonymous

    I was a regular at the old Hawk since the mid/late 80s…although I was sad to see it go, I wasn’t against something cleaner with flushing toilets (I’m showing my age)…but the new places is LOUD….too loud…unnecessarily loud.


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