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Appreciating the Mt. Pleasant Fire Box Sculptures

by Prince Of Petworth May 19, 2013 at 10:05 pm 8 Comments


I sometimes take for granted how incredible these fire box conversions are. I haven’t seen this one in years. It’s especially awesome how they incorporate both sides into the sculpture. It’s also pretty brilliant how they highlight different periods of history.


Description, artist and dedication after the jump.



  • christina

    so THAT’S what these are! i had always wondered. what were their original purpose?

    • KenyonDweller

      I believe they contained telephones with a connection to the fire department so people could report fires.

      • christina

        thanks! and now they are trashcans.

        • Mike

          Trashcans?!? Are you finding trash in these firebox sculptures?

          …or is this your comment on the artwork?

      • Anonymous

        to -a- fire department. before it was public, we had multiple private fire departments.

      • Anonymous

        Not just anybody could pick up the phone and call the fire department. This was back when most cops were on foot patrol. If they saw a fire, they’d unlock the box with a key and send a signal to the nearest firehouse, indicating the location.

    • PoP Grandpa

      Sigh, am I the only one on this site that remembers the pre-911 era?


      “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

      You can go back and try again.”

  • Danielle

    The artist used to live in the neighborhood and worked on this project with grant funding from Historic Mount Pleasant and others. Here’s more info about the project and a map of the fire box locations: http://www.historicmountpleasant.org/page/page/4668050.htm

    The artist’s website: http://www.michaelrossart.com/


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