• Anonymous

    They are still going to have to pay the ticket. BTW the little QR code is to report broken meters – even if it doesn’t work all that well.

    • That’s the problem with DC… If the meter is broken a parking space becomes invalid. I’ve known places, like right at Howard University where meters have been broken for years. DC Gov needs to have people actively LOOKING FOR their broken machines rather than punishing people who park in those spaces. The smart meters in Adam’s Morgan and many other places are constantly broken and dirty while they are making record parking revenues, something’s wrong with the mgmt. What’s the incentive to fix meters if DC makes more money on tickets at broken ones?

      I agree, they really need to fix the s#*t!

      • You can still park in the spot with a broken meter. What you do is call the number it has on the side/front/top/whereever; tell the person that picks up the number of the meter, and for your troubles, DC gives you a confirmation number and free parking for the duration of that meter’s length (4 hrs, 2hrs, 1hr, etc…). I’ve done this several times.

        Sometimes, yes, a meter maid will give you a ticket, but all you have to do is respond to the ticket giving them your confirmation code that you received when you called in the broken meter, and the ticket goes away.

        • Anonymous

          Not true any longer. Now they send a technician out to test the meter before dismissing the ticket. Unfortunately the new meters have a mechanism to clear many (but not all) jams so if you report a meter as broken that has repaired itself before the technician gets there you’re stuck with the ticket. It has happened to me and people I know more than once.

  • Anonymous

    dumbest policy ever!…or smartest ever? (a) the city doesn’t have to pay to fix shitty meters = SAVINGS (b) they collect more cash from tickets at these perpetually broken meters = REVENUE! The sad part is that most drivers believe that a broken meter should be a burden on the city, not the driver. This creates an endless supply of victims for these revenue traps. Little do they know they’re dealing with D.C. city logic.

  • Some of this problem is rectified by the growing number of parking meters where you can pay with your phone through the ParkMobile app.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get the complacence with DC’s poorly handled meter system. Just because they have a few shoddy work arounds… This has been badly handled for years. People responsible for poor management should be fired if they can’t fix it.

      • Note that peachy says “some of this problem is rectified”, not “well, broken meters are okay because of this other option”. I don’t think one has to be complacent to acknowledge that the app offers a partial solution.

  • Anonymous

    I think if you get a ticket and it is not your fault, say you go to fight it and win, then DC should pay you for your time. Perhaps then they will be less careless in handing out ticket just because they feel like it.

    • You can contest the ticket in court. There is a checkbox for that option on every ticket. Too, DC denizens have recourse to a ward councilperson. E-mail or call.

  • Anonymous

    And Anita Bonds gets elected. Things never seem to change

  • Ha ha. How much is his time worth to him? I’d just pay the ticket.

  • Anonymous

    Why did it take you $5 dollars to figure out it did not work? Didn’t you notice after the first coin?


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