Sweet Old Coca Cola Sign Revealed on New York Avenue, NE

by Prince Of Petworth April 15, 2013 at 10:01 pm 6 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending:

Last week I snapped this picture of a painted wall that had been revealed by demolition on the eastbound side of the unit block of New York Ave NE (the picture was taken from N St.) The sign is billboard sized and painted on the side of a building. The wall must have been covered by the construction of the building that was recently torn down and thus preserved from weather. It was not uncommon for advertisements to be painted on the sides of building, but most have long-ago worn away. After a little research I found that Coca-Cola use the slogan “Relieves Fatigue” between 1906-10. Cool huh? Check it out before the new building covers it up for another century.

Super cool!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, cocaine usually “relieves” my fatigue too.

    Pretty amazing that this sign is 100+ years old.

  • Anonymous

    i noticed a much smaller paineted sign last week on the side of the building being converted to condos at Georgia and Shepherd — was some type of battery ad.

  • Monkeyrotica

    These used to be all over town in the’70s. Just as you crossed the Sousa Bridge, there was a painted Quaker Oats sign where the McDonalds is now. And the Coke sign on Barracks Row just south of the freeway was around until the early ’90s.

    • Anonymous

      even at that the early 90’s were 20 years ago.

  • wylie coyote

    Further up New York Ave, where it hits 7th (and almost intersects with K), how is the K Street side of things looking? Streets have been torn up around there for months. Haven’t been through lately. Biker’s nightmare. LOL.

  • I’m pretty sure it was “relieving fatigue” between ’06-’10 b/c it was still using cocaine…though not in as high a dose as years past.


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